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Proverty stricken not by choice hardworking individuals given the opportunity who put 100% or more into their undertakings. Faced with many stereotypes and discriminations such as CHINK, GOOK, VIET CONG, and COMMIES, they are mentally/emotionally even at times physically tough as SHIET becuz of THIS. Not ALL are good looking and not ALL are ugly but who FUCKIN CARES. There is more to LIFE than these BASIS'. A Majority of Vietnamese people are law abiding citizens and hate unlawful behaviour because they had so much to got through and endure to
escape the war in Vietnam which THANK GOD is OVER. Some are NOT law abiding but so fuckin what. There are criminals in EVERY GOD FORBIDDEN RACE. And NO NO NO. WE dont ALL speak like FOBS as a matter of fact. Some Vietnamese like myself speak PERFECT ENGLISH and maybe even more PROPER than some of you EUROPEANS. In CONCLUSION, I would just like to say FUCK ALL YOU SHITBRICKS and RACIST MOTHAFUCKERS who started this SHIT in the first place. THANK YOU AND HAVE A SHITTY DAY!
1. "Vietnamese, Viet, Gook, Chink, what's the difference........."

2. Vietnamese Person: "um excuse me there..."

*gets cut off mid way*

1. "I SAID there is NONE" "Ya hear?!" "God damnit!!!! When will ya'll learn I make the world go round"

2. Vietnamese Person: "Dontttt makeee meee throw a grenade at your silly billy ass fucker."
by fcuken_S.T.D_Free September 04, 2008

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