"oh, and On that note," or "While we're on the subject" or "since you mentioned it" or "Concerning that,"
I can not wait to see you at Thanksgiving, Karolina. By the way, will you be eating the delicious pie I make?
by Kasey Lanier November 18, 2007
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it's basically when you add in a last minute thought in a text usually typed btw.
example: by the way, i have a crush on you.
by username420 December 19, 2020
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it's when your adding something on people used this in 2019 but it has been overpowered by "&"
by the way, stop disliking my ud definitions.
by username420 December 21, 2020
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Me: Um... Will you uh um what's um that um, by the way.

Person: Yes I Um.. Ohhh ehhh uhhhh I forg-, By the way.
Me: Agreed!
by HeroFish January 6, 2021
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"I'm gettin' on the way way fool"
by rottieboo February 5, 2010
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Excitment. Another word for sweet! Awesome! Is used a lot in the anime Dragon Half.
by T May 18, 2006
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An expression of approval and support for someone who handled a tough or tricky situation with grace, skill and adroitness.
"Way to be there Dave, if that ground ball had gotten past you, it would have cost us the game.

"Way to be there Marcy, the client was ready to pull the account before you presented the new marketing demographics."
by HSTRUE November 15, 2011
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