knowing you have the upper hand over someone, or being able to manipulate them, despite any truthfulness to that situation
man, i got mind control over deebo, he be like , "shut the fuck up, and i be quiet, but when he leaves....i be talkin again"
by tweek December 19, 1999
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The abiblity to control/influence someone's "actions"
Your wife is a master of mind control
by nf1n1ty March 18, 2004
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The minipulation of a subject's mind which causes the subject to perform a task when the set condition is triggered. This can be open to awareness or not by the subject. The minipulator is a malicious person/group using the media, sounds, etc. as a medium for such minipulations.
The government, Illuminati, the media... your mom, etc.
by AstralBlaze2012 August 25, 2003
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Having mind power of someone. Get inside of someone's head.
1. Dennis Rodman would mind-f--- his opponents when he would play for the Bulls.

2. I have mind-power over the Bears.
by saints_60426 November 14, 2003
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All Mind Control is always a form of hypnosis.
ALL hypnosis has or utilizes amnesia.
All active victims of mind control don' t know they are under mind control, they can't remember.
by cer1056 February 3, 2020
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When you get controlled by some random ugly bitch named Auden
Ahhh I’m being mind controlled by an ugly bitch
by Jonson McNally November 23, 2019
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The intentional subliminal, subconscious, and operant conditioning of individuals through the usage of the education system and entertainment mechanisms to manipulate the collective behavioral patterns of society.
An entire generation exposed to simulated violence for years routinely exercises violence with no remorse as if they live in a brainwashed cultural mind-controlled state.
by *18* Jean-Philippe *18* July 23, 2012
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