Very smart, friendly, warm-hearted people in the world. Vietnamese are so united and wonderful that could beat a lot of powerful countries in the war, including China, America, Mongolia, Japan. However, nowadays, they still forgive for other countries mistakes that caused a lot of Vietnamese death because they know that war is bad and peace is what everybody wants.
Did you talk to those Vietnamese students in our school?
Oh yeah, they are such a whiz kid and great people.
by Trang Nguyen March 21, 2006
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β€œBeing Vietnamese is about riding in a Chinese motorbike to an local pub for a Lao beer, then travelling home, grabbing Cambodian common rat dishes on the way, phoning friends by a Finnish mobile phone, sitting on Italian furniture and watching Korean films on a Japanese TV every night as well."
*Vietnamese: I like these kinds of food such as squared sticky rice cakes, Pho, caramelised fish in claypot (ca kho to), Bun oc, Hu tieu, to name but a few.
*Korean: What about Lao beer? D'you like watching Korean films?
*Vietnamse: I do absolutely!
*Korean: You must be Vietnamese fo sho, man!
by quan cao tien August 11, 2010
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The Vietnamese people are an ethnic group originating from what is now northern Vietnam and the southern People's Republic of China. They are the majority ethnic group of Vietnam, comprising 86% of the population as of the 1999 census, and are officially known as Kinh to distinguish them from other ethnic groups in Vietnam.

Vietnamese are not to be confused with yeet nam wah kews.

It would be interesting to note that only one-third (or 33%) of Viets actually marry Viets. Most Vietnamese marry Southern Chinese (Cantonese) or Whites. This is due to the fact that Viets had to go through alot and the country has enough Chinese and Whites in it.
The Vietnamese got the idea of Banh mi from the French.
by THE WORKOUT October 13, 2006
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An Asian ethnic group frequently stereotyped by many other East Asians (mostly Chinese) as being criminals, gang members, and/or under achievers.
Most of the housing projects in my neighborhood are full of unemployed Vietnamese.
by Akira Kun January 24, 2008
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A person from Viet Nam. Mostly F.O.B's but we crazy
Damn that Vietnamese foo can fight.
by vboy April 06, 2003
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A group of people with superiority complex.

"A special breed of beings who are patient, hard working, smart, courageous, determined, respectful, and all that forged in their blood"

Go fuck yourselves.
Ohz mah godz. H3 iz t3h vietnamese! h3 iz ubor and errthang g00d!
by Pmonay April 16, 2008
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