You could compare them to a limited edition 1 ever made Legendary Pokemon that you have to win 1st place in a wi-fi tournament hosted by Nintendo to even have a CHANCE to catch it and that it has a low catch rate where as you would either need a Master ball, or use false swipe, paralyze it, make it sleep, and throw at least 99 shadow balls after 7 PM to up the catch rate effect of the shadow ball.
Oh my god why won't my shadow balls work on this Vietnamese pokemon?!
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A language you can speak or teach the language to other people and talk to each other
Xin Chào(Vietnamese) (Meaning) Hello
by Cotton Berry March 04, 2021
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Lorax: I am the lorax, i speak for the trees. The trees, speak vietnamese
*music is being played while the lorax is scared for his life*
by Amsterdam is lit February 26, 2019
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