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Terms for "English for Spearkers of Other Languages"
ESOL class is for foreigners who don't speak English as their native language.
by Trang Nguyen April 19, 2006
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This is the Vietnamese traditional costume. A lot of people think it's very sexy and attractive. That's why Ao Dai makes Vietnamese women look more beautiful. It's very soft and it is also the uniform for female students in high school.
In the Asian Assembly, almost everyone was so surprised because of Ao Dai's beauty.
by Trang Nguyen April 3, 2006
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an adj that describes someone who doesn't talk too much
Even though she is so taciturn, I know that deep inside, she always wanna make friends with other people.
by Trang Nguyen April 22, 2006
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egg roll, kind of traditional Vietnamese food. It is including pork meat(if someone can't eat pork, they can use beef to replace), egg, Vietnamese mushroom, onion, some Vietnamese spice. All of them are mixed together and then they are rolled. Finally, frying them.
Jenny: Hey Trang, what will you prepare for the party in our class?
Trang: I am not sure, but may be my mom will help me prepare Nem and Pho which are the traditional Vietnamese food. I hope our class will like them because they are really special.
by Trang Nguyen November 12, 2005
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It's the old name of the capital of the South Vietnam. Now, its name is Ho Chi Minh city. Vietnam has this name during the Vietnam War. But when the Vietnam War ended, the the South Vietnam'capital'name was changed into Ho Chi Minh to honor Ho Chi Minh, a hero who contributed so much to end the war.
Many people in saigon went to America after the Vietnam War.
by Trang Nguyen November 5, 2005
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