A definition by somebody who ISN'T Vietnamese! (by someone who goes to a school that is roughly 40 percent vietnamese) :O

Hey, guess what? People are people! Yeah, I know, it's such a hard concept to grasp! Really, out of all of the race pages on this website, this has to be the most conceited I have seen. I mean, come on, I've heard of pride, but "a special breed of beings"? That's just a superiority complex, right there.
For the past two years, I've gone to a school populated mostly with Vietnamese kids, and I can easily tell you that while yes, there are a lot of "quiet, hard working individuals" there, there are also a lot of kids who would rather talk all period while playing 13. Just like any other race (just change the name of the card game)
So please, as a message to anyone who is going to post some biased opinion about their race here, because they think somebody cares, please don't. Just get over yourselves. You're really not that great.
It isn't even just on the "vietnamese" page (this just has to be some of the worst) To everyone who is reading this, and thinking of making a page devoted to their two percent Indian or something:
Stop acting so damn superior. All you're doing is making yourselves, and your race (as it is seen on this website, anyway,) look ridiculous, and if anything else, it makes you look like an ignorant fool.
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A language that kinda sounds like French with an Asian accent. Their "Banh Mi" is just an Asian Spinoff of the French Baguette and actually tastes pretty good.
"Wait why are there baguettes in a Vietnamese Supermarket?"

"Dude, those are Banh Mi."
by That One Taco... September 21, 2019
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A significant language that is spoken in Vietnam. To a smaller degree, Vietnamese is communicated in nations, such as Cambodia, Laos, the USA, and France. Primarily, the Vietnamese language was a Yue language, similar to Cantonese which remains a non-Han language all along. Unfortunately, the Han dynasty conquered the Nan Yue Kingdom, nearly destroyed this language, and forced the Yue natives to write in Hanzi characters. About 1000 years that flew by, the Tang dynasty collapsed and the ancestors of the Vietnamese declared independence. While at that time, Vietnamese changed to become the Austroasiatic language to the likes of Khmer, Mon, Wa, or Munda, by reason of the Vietnamese Kingdom and the Thai Kingdom both strengthening to conquer Champa and South Vietnam (a former territory of the Khmer Empire). Furthermore, when the French conquered Vietnam, Vietnamese were no longer using Hanzi characters and used the Latin system for their written language as a substitute and even up to this present timeline.
Failing in Chinese propaganda, Chinese nationalists embarrassed themselves by stating that all Hong Kong protestors, particularly Joshua Wong, are Vietnamese, since they claimed that "Ng" in Cantonese is the same as in Vietnamese, Vietnamese has about 60% Chinese words, and Vietnamese culture is the same as Chinese culture. However, Vietnamese is now an Austroasiatic language. Also, Vietnamese culture is very different from Chinese culture, since Vietnamese people eat Pho as their main cuisine, they always follow matriarchy without almost any Confucious teachings, they play the Dong Son drum, they ride on elephants, they use guerilla warfare tactics in wars, and so on. What is more informational is that the Vietnamese were very experienced and they are recognized as the ones, who defeated and kicked out many foreign invaders, including the Mongol army, French troops, American troops, the Khmer Rouge, and Chinese PLA soldiers. In spite of North Vietnamese being closely related to Cantonese or Zhuang and South Vietnamese being closely related to Khmer or Malay, most Vietnamese people are tough badasses. Never mess with Vietnam!
by TheUnknown21 February 16, 2020
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Literally, the "barbarians of the South," the "Viet" ("Yue") ("barbarians") of "Nam" ("south"), the Chinese name that the Han Chinese gave to the rice growing people from the Red River ("Song Hong" -- literally, the "Pink River"), and that they now use to describe themselves in the Chinese language rather than the word for their ethnicity, Kinh. Connotes a group of border people south of China who have copied Chinese religions (Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism), customs, technology, and lust for empire along with that from others (such as the Western alphabet and French and Russian colonial government systems) and whose sense of self comes mainly from their "dirt-water" geography ("dat-nuoc", usually mistranslated in English as "country"). Their survival strategy is to multiply quickly and use technologies that they copy or pirate from others and to spread over neighboring lands. They now rule over some 30 former displaced empires and cultures on their land including the artistic and innovative Khmer and Cham and are the 12th largest population group in the world but have invented little or nothing distinctive on their own. They prosper overseas due to an ability to copy and adapt and to live with low consumption.
Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese leader taking a Chinese name who wore Chinese clothes, plagiarized the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and built a political system for a newly independent country that copied the French and Russian colonial military rule.
by Brooks Duncan December 19, 2007
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People from Vietnam. There are many varieties of Vietnamese. They can be....
A.Educated and respectable professionals
B.Former South Vietnamese nationalists turned refugees
C.Nail shop owners
D. Thuggish idiots that look like the physical embodiment of bad hair gel, illiterate gangsters and secondhand anabolic steroids
I am Vietnamese and

A. I am going to med school
B. I will fight against the commies till my dying breathe
C. "Do nail! Do nail!"
D. I am going to throw away my future in exchange for a bad hair cut and an IQ equal to a blade of grass
by Xanh January 07, 2008
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Asians that are not yellow.They are the darkest mofos ever.Asians that say 'duma' every couple of seconds.Mainly dominating around Orange County,Bay area,and the San Gabriel Valley areas of California.The whole damn country always lives in one of the cities listed above.Also,generally very good looking people.But they break every good stereotype of an Asian. They gamble way too much. If they ever invite you to their houses,you will see that their whole family tree shares the same roof along with either a chicken,dog or a fish.AND it's a mandatory thing for all of them to have a shrine of Buddha.

How to spot a viet guy:
1.Disgustingly long pinky nails.
2.spiky dark hair (looks like they used the whole container of gel).
3.Either dead skinny or fat.
4.Most of them are short.
5.thinks Honda accords are the shit.
6.has a ridiculous tattoo of either:a dragon,script writing of Vietnam,or their parents name in vietnamese.

How to spot a viet girl:
1.Always gorgeous or dead ugly.
never average.
2.You will find them always wearing shorts and skirts even in a below 0 degree weather.
3.Very sweet and nice all day everyday,but when you go away they will talk about you while doing people nails at their mom's nail shops.
4.either gold diggers or crazy NERDS.
5.always go for ugly white guys.
6.or really HOT Asian guys.
by G.Nguyen November 30, 2007
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Closet perverts with a fondness for hard liquor.
Friend: Hey are you coming to my birthday party?
Typical Vietnamese such as myself: Is there gonna be porn and booze?
by The Token Bitch September 11, 2006
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