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Kinh is the name of this Vietnamese boy that is obviously the slave of this amazing Asian chick named Nancy. He bows down to her and kisses her toes, because he knows she's worth it.
Oh my God, is that Kinh kissing Nancy's hairy toes? OHMAHGODDD. TIME TO BBM THIS.
by double a lol June 04, 2011
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Hoo, a king,I stated by ever,it being a perfect match talk of us, is mostly said(suprises!), that if ever he but, is & you see

him,madly wealthy,no way but, you can be sure about his money to be gained for you,but it.s less for you,if you can be Barry gibb (to get it)but then not,look and compare with Rock Feller,yes these two,are a common meaning things and seldom,if you are a Garibaldi of America(who has ever been a primitive of Italy to America) can,t gain it again(for the dresses of poverty and looking poor dresses ofèm),if you go casino yes again,see may be still you can get (More than nothing), be fucking a wife of them staying down there`n a midnight room of any the clubs lol first,then would you probably,get them any of it¿
It,s a day that I went search after a big house it was empty of a kinh,day,cause my job was a loss and a vein too,sad and I found no a thing suitable!!!
by bad,good? September 15, 2019
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