When you are looking to go out on the pisser.
Whose looking to get pretty squeeky tonight?
by cvizz January 22, 2011
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someone who liked to drill holes into other peoples heads and then fuck the hole full of squeeshie goodness...
Better be good or the squeekies will come and get you! -- When squeekies attack. - Cessna is a squeekie.
by Cessnoob February 16, 2008
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after you eat out a girl, an the pussy is dry, you do her hard! and it makes a squeek squeek noice of the hard dick rubbing the raw vigina walls.
keenan: hey jakob heard you gave brian a squeeky windshield last night?

jakob: hell yea that pussy was squeeky clean!!
by bigkeekee<3bigjake June 3, 2009
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When you are doing a chick from behind and she turns to you and makes a squeeking sound similar to that of a dolphin.
I was porkin her in the butt and she pulled a squeeky dolphin
by Bay November 17, 2003
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The state in which you grind your teeth and they make a squeeking noise do to eating or drinking certian foods like ham or bottled iced tea.
Brittknee-"oh man i ate ham last night for dinner and i have a severe case of squeeky teeth!!"
by BrittneyL November 16, 2007
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something half norwegian and very freckly. never eats vegetables and loves animals and moths. has a overused yellow sweatshirt. it is super cool and lit fam and can be very spazzy.
person 1: have you seen a lil’ squeeky lately?
person 2: yeah, it’s the epic rapper.

norwegian translation:
1. person: har du sett en liten pip i det siste?
2. person: ja, det er den episke rapperen.
by tyrsqueeky June 26, 2020
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