A country located in East Asia. The country has the greatest military history, ever. Starting in the mid 12th century, a storm or a series of storms swept the Eurasian continent. Led by the great Khan, the Mongol cavalry defeated every army in its path. The Mongols subjugated every nation in the Eurasian continent except a few worthless European kingdoms (because the Mongols didn't think they were worth the effort, not because they coudln't annihilate them). Way to go, Genghis. By the way, the Mongols share the same ethnic heritage as Koreans. No wonder Koreans are damn aggressive.
by Kang Ta September 7, 2003
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If information I have found is right, 95 percent of Mongolians are alcoholics.
Mongolian : Lets Drink
Mongolian 2 : BEST IDEA EVER!
by Allaouise May 16, 2007
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The most independent state in the world, because nothing depends on it.
by Claque May 7, 2005
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mongolian people are the nicest and yet the shyest people on the earth. they are really shy. uwu
kid: dad, what’s that *pointing at a condom.
average mongolian dad: *sweats nervously* i-i don’t know, son. *runs away
by bluesrock January 7, 2019
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