one of the most popular Vietnamese last names and basically no one except viet people can pronounce it. The most simple way to say it is putting an n sound to the word when. This last name is every teacher's worst nightmare.
by Mochii 030 April 13, 2020
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A last name invented to piss off the telemarketers.
"Hello, may I speak with Mr. or Mrs....nag...nuh...umm...forget it."

"Ha. Nguyen, 1. Telemarketers,0"
by Nguyen, Nguyen March 6, 2009
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Nguyen is a Vietnamese last name that no one can pronounce correctly, not even high school teachers who have probably had 19 Nguyen’s last year. About 60% of Vietnamese you meet will have this last name.

Almost every person who has tried to pronounce this name has said “nah-goo-jen?”.


It’s prounounced “when”, yes “when”. Well now that I think about it, “when” is the dumbed down version. Well it’s the closest that people can get, so i’ll go with it.

And NO, not all Nguyen’s are related, so for the last time, VIVIAN IS NOT MY COUSIN!
Oh Buddha, another Nguyen Family Renunion! Someone pass the rice, because i might faint.
by wanderlustbaby January 7, 2018
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-A Vietnamese word that can be used as the First name(Nguyên, Nguyện), Surname(Nguyên) and Last name(Nguyễn) (rarely at the same time, and sometimes 2/3) (1)

-More than half of Vietnameses have family name Nguyen(Nguyễn)

-Hard to read af

-How to read the word Nguyen: Imma divide the word Nguyễn)i'm gonna use Nguyễn instead of Nguyen from now) into 3 part:

+The NG sound

+The UYEN sound

+The ~ sound(the tonal mark sound)

-Step 1: NG sound

+Say the word DOING

+Remove DO and I, you are left with the NG

+Say "uh" while releasing the part of the tounge which is blocking you mouth

+Keep practice until you can say it without having any trouble

-Step 2: UYEN sound

+Say each letter individually ( /u/, /i/, /ə/, /n/ )

+Say each letter faster and faster until you can combine 4 letters to 1 sound

+Practice more

-Step 3: combine the 2 sounds, practice until you don't have trouble saying Nguyên

-Last step: the ~

+Imagine... a hentai girl moaning (not kidding), but instead of yamete (Yãmẽtẽ), she moans Nguyễn

+Do your best to replicate the sound(i tried my best here, cuz you don't have tonal marks in the english alphabet)

-> and the result: You can say Nguyễn now, it takes lots of practice, but i believe you can make it
(1): Examples: Nguyen Tran Nguyen Vu (Nguyễn Trần Nguyên Vũ)

by The smart Nguyen May 15, 2021
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One of the most popular last names in Vietnam
Just another person with Nguyen as their last name...
by vide0gameah_RBLX June 30, 2017
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Brilliant, hot, talented elites of the Vietnamese race.
You are definitely a Nguyen!
by NguyenOrLose December 17, 2008
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"The" super cool asian kid.

Usually, many Vietnamese people have this as a common last name.

A "Nguyen" is usually either really quiet or funny and outgoing.
Hey! It's Nguyen! Let's go ask him for his number!
by TheNlNJA July 21, 2014
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