Vietnamese version of "Cyka Blyat
Used by Vietnamese gamers around the world
Translates into "Mother Fucker"
Nguyen gets killed in CS:GO
Nguyen: "Du Ma"
by Dat Bic Boi June 5, 2016
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whoever spelt "du" as "dou" is a dumbass
the phrase originates from south vietnam.. you might also here "dit me may" which means the exact same thing, but is used my nothern vietnamese people for their dialect is slightly different by means of accent and a few words.
DU MA MAY means fuck your mother..
DU MA means mother fucker..
"du ma thang sau nay" = "mother fucker, this ugly guy" or.. "this mother fucking ugly guy"
by lala nguyen October 9, 2006
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a multi purpose phrase that vietnamese people use for almost every meaning but most commonly used in lieu of "hello, hell yeah, hell no, i want to fuck, any curse word, im hungry, hide, gimme that, good night, and order up"
by table numba 5 March 22, 2009
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another word that vaguely describes asians (cept krns)
fob: hurro ...*incoherent chinglish*
other person: watta du ma
by L_is_MY_name November 10, 2007
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vietnamese insult meaning "fuck your mother". written as "đụ má mày".
by VN503 July 21, 2009
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