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1: A goddamned, certified, downright amazingly badass Pokemon that is honestly so underrated and underestimated it's easy to use it to shock and sweep someone's team if they aren't expecting it. also in the gyms and other matches in kanto it thrives. this thing can't be fucking poisoned. in the region with a fuckton of poison types. while Charizard is literally dying of poisons, and blastoise is slowly collapsing into seizures from toxins, Venusaur and its two earlier stages are just strolling through the tall grass, destroying bugs and trainers. Venusaur is an incredible Plant-Dinosaur-Protomammal-motherfucking tree-god, and asks nothing of you, fucking respect this pokemon. respect it and it will make you a fucking king/queen.
"dude, which pokemon should I pick?"
"why, it's lame."
"that "lame" pokemon evolves into a fucking Venusaur you unworthy little bitch, pick Bulbasaur and come back to me once you learned your lesson."
by Boberto111 January 28, 2018
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When you shove a bonsai tree or another small plant up one's vagina or anus so they achieve sexual pleasure.
Guy 1: I'm gonna meet up with Mary tonight.

Guy 2: Are you gonna Venusaur her?

Guy 1: Fuck yeah!
by x=-b+-sqrtb^2-4ac/2a October 07, 2011
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The fully evolved grass/poison Kanto starter in pokemon Red, Blue, Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Pokemon Go. It evolve from Ivysaur at level 36. It's also scientifically the best Kanto starter.
Me: I choose Blastoise
Blue: I choose Venusaur
Me: Oh gosh...
by Mudkipz are da best December 18, 2018
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