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Like, a REALLY big poo.
Fiona had a nice orgasm when Jonas dumped a Michigan on her chest and started titty fucking her.
by WhoDatFreshBoi March 20, 2017
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What to feed your monster toilet.
Sodium not recommended.
You better gimme that peepee, or the next time you sit on me, I'm gonna bite off your tushy!
by WhoDatFreshBoi December 26, 2018
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An animation created by making countless frames of moving joints of some object called a stick, or stk.
It is easy to find a pivot animation on youtube. The fights are epic.
by WhoDatFreshBoi March 30, 2017
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A nickname or pet name for a guy with a small penis. Can also refer to someone with a short structure.
by WhoDatFreshBoi May 13, 2017
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Thanos Chungus
Thanos Chungus
by WhoDatFreshBoi December 28, 2018
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