An utterly unusable "system" of random measuring references designed by Grok Einstein in the neolithic period (10,000 years BC). Adapted by Egyptians and "refined" in 3rd century Rome by people who bathe in urine, drink wine from lead goblets and think it's ok to have sex with 10 year old boys. Eventually abandoned by every other nation on the planet earth in favor of a rational, logical, interrelated and vastly easier measuring system called "the metric system" with the only exception being the United States of America who wistfully wait for the rest of the world to see the error of their ways and re-embrace a kings cock and 3 grains of barley as a glorious and Godly base for units of measure.
"We wouldn't have crashed a 200 million dollar Mars probe into the surface of the plant if we would've stuck to using pure, divinely inspired US Customary Units"
by MortyFoonbang June 30, 2020
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A date that revolves around the true name of the dating service BUMBLE.
WOLFE this surely is a CUSTOMARY BUMBLING DATE as you need to directly address that STINKY BUMHOLE where the property rights belongs to the BEAUTIFUL RIMMIN' of the world.
by SMELLY HOMOSEXUAL February 2, 2022