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A term that simply means an ice cold beer, short for iceberg. Synonym for a cold one, or a brewski.
Friend: Yo man, what you want?
Me: Hand me a berg from the fridge Chief
by Scribz21 September 30, 2018
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The term "berg" can be used in association with anyone with tens of thousands on one account, or thousands spread across multiple accounts, that consistently shifts odds more than 10% on Tier 3 games.
You see some berg shifted the odds on Tyloo vs Renegades, it moved by 20% in 5 minutes!
by Icyphoenix June 04, 2017
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As a last name, this word means "strength". This comes from the latin word iceberg, berg meaning "mountain". It also means "bear". The one who posses this as a name has great determination, will power and strength.
Bjorn Berg
by bjron March 01, 2010
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A hood in Alexandria, Virgina. The name was given to this community by fomer war victims in the 1960's from petersburg Virgina. Nicknames for the hood are
Down Bottom and 300 Block. The local gangs in thet area are tha squad and c-mob.
Man I from da Bergz

Dem bergs are crazy
by rick jackson June 18, 2006
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alternative to "-stein"; may also be used in combination with "-stein".
by jj colt September 17, 2003
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a nugg or bowl of weed. in refrence to an iceberg. seattle has the best bergs.
lets go smerg a berg?
by foodogg August 28, 2006
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