A term that simply means an ice cold beer, short for iceberg. Synonym for a cold one, or a brewski.
Friend: Yo man, what you want?
Me: Hand me a berg from the fridge Chief
by Scribz21 October 1, 2018
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The term "berg" can be used in association with anyone with tens of thousands on one account, or thousands spread across multiple accounts, that consistently shifts odds more than 10% on Tier 3 games.
You see some berg shifted the odds on Tyloo vs Renegades, it moved by 20% in 5 minutes!
by Icyphoenix June 4, 2017
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As a last name, this word means "strength". This comes from the latin word iceberg, berg meaning "mountain". It also means "bear". The one who posses this as a name has great determination, will power and strength.
Bjorn Berg
by bjron March 2, 2010
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Verb -

To dupe someone into believing something that is not possibly true for your own amusement, through confident presentation of false statements.
Watch this, I am going to berg Mike into believing that you can tourniquet the neck to stop a cranial bleed.
by BattleBorne December 23, 2014
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Referring to someone with asbergers and or insulting someone without a genetic disorder.
Ron, stop being a fucking BERG.
by Lugg Bear March 16, 2019
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A Berg is a Person with a 30 inch horse cock that will test your asshole while the white cream explodes and destroys your manifest like the slavery in Egypt. He will send his horse cock through your ass like a fucking spaceship that’s getting ready for an explotion in your anus. He will test your skills in handjob while YOU have his delicious dick in your mouth. YOU can’t handle a Berg’s cock in your anus because it’s so juicy and YOU will Get your ass out of oxygen while the horse fucks your mum like the bears in Africa destroys the crusade Steve Jobs mase egen he died of Aids because he sucked A Bergs cock
Berg that’s big
by James Calkery December 22, 2018
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A noun; A DUDE BRO who resembles a chod by stature and one who appreciates steroids and weights over a pair of tits. This is a man who is often found performing homosexual acts; but he escapes being called gay by clinching his ass cheeks in front of his accusers.

GIRL 1: Wasn't that party great last night?
GIRL 2: Ha, LOL. No, like there was a total berg who was macking on me all night. He kept inviting me into the bird cage.
GIRL 1; O gross. Did you go with him?
GIRL 1: Like no, I walked into the room and there were a bunch of dudes in there.
by DJ Middleton April 26, 2009
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