Hated by many for no valid reasons, often overlooked and ignored and a center of misconceptions and false information and ass writings, but if you use your head a little and do a simple research, you will find out that Bulbasaur has been the better kanto starter than Charizard and Blastoise since 1996 till now. A prime example of why the majority of Pokemon fans are stupid
Person 1: Man Bulbasaur is such an underrated Pokemon.
Person 2: What the hell? it's says here on this website that it sucks
Person 1: Screw that, I actually made a research and tried it myself, everything i heard about it is completely wrong and stupid. And it's better than the other kanto starters by miles with several facts to support that and the most viable both ingame and competitive. Read about it a little.
Person 2: Nah i prefer to be mindlessly stupid and believe the public opinion and everything i read online about Bulbasaur.
by ExCharmanderFan April 20, 2017
John: My favourite Pokemon is Bulbasaur what's yours
Danny: Charmander
John: Death
by MyNameIsDanLol December 26, 2019
1. To attack someone using a stick, vine, or any other plant object as a weapon.

2. To use a stick, vine, or any other plant object as a sex toy. Especially when using the vine for flogging/whipping
1. We were camping and we all got too drunk and started fighting. I had a huge branch and Dave had a switch and we bulbasaured until I knocked him out.

2. We were camping and we all got too drunk and started fucking. I had a bundle of twigs and a vine so I bulbasaured Danielle until she came.
by KlassikKiller October 24, 2015
When a male shouts 'bulbasaur I choose you,' And pulls out his penis then shouts 'use vine whip,' and proceeds to aggressively hit a female with his penis multiple times.
Person 1: I heard that you used the bulbasaur on Sharron last night.
Person 2: Yes I did she loved it!
by Friendly service support February 1, 2021
A grass type pokemon. Evolves into Ivysaur, and then Venusaur. Attacks include Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, and Solar Beam. Walks on all fours, and has a blub on its back. Weak against fire and flying pokemon.
A level 32 Bulbasaur will learn its techniques faster than an Ivysaur.
by Sideshow Fred October 23, 2003
A Pokemon that's a Grass/Poison Type; an underrated Pokemon starter in Kanto; the one that no one ever picked
Dude Bulbasaur is an strategic Pokemon, teach it Leech Seed and Sleep Powder, they're really good combos if you wanna heal in mid-battle
by Jay3589 December 29, 2016
Used as a discreet way to talk about or plan on smoking pot when in a room full of people. Or telling a friend that you recently came across some a small quanity of pot. You may use Ivysaur or Venusaur depending on how strong or (dank) the weed may be.
"Dude, I caught a BULBASAUR over by that guys house, you wanna meet him it my room later?"

"I'm getting sick of catching BULBASAUR, we need to evolve to an IVYSAUR, and if we can get a VENUSAUR, I'll totally shit a brick!"

"Man, I was chillin' with my BULBASAUR all weekend..."
by WasabiShadow April 6, 2009