pubic hair longer than two inches. can't see the skin. can't find the right hole. squatchy crotch. makes sex difficult and unattractive. lice and ticks inhabit tall grass along with warts, crabs and STD's.
i had to search through my girlfriends tall grass.
i found a tick in my tall grass.

the lice loved the tall grass due to the warmth of it compared to the head.
by andrew104 March 4, 2012
To hide, or make oneself scarce when trouble goes down.
When the shit goes down, don't let me catch you heading for the tall grass, pussy. Stand with me and be a man!
by Diggler December 24, 2004
for tall grass hen your short my guys you'll see
When the 2 dwarfs ran through the tall grass they kept laughing because it kept ticklingthere balls
by DwarfPedo November 12, 2020


Of Native American origin it describes the inability of a person to successfully walk through tall grass. Before colonization the great plains of North American were covered with large sections of tall grasses. Instead of going around acres of tall grass, people could walk straight through them.

The implication is that a capable adult is both tall enough to see above shoulder height tall grass and wise enough to navigate and form a path through tall grass that is above their head. Children and people that are not intelligent will get lost in the tall grass and need help to get out or even die.

Usually applied to a person, but could apply to a thing.

Similar to: If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen, shape up or ship out

1: transitive, present tense

a: Describing a person that cannot handle the situation they are in.

b: Describing a person that is not intelligent enough to figure out something that others easily can.

2: rhetorical question

Implying that the person being asked is not keeping up with the group or not able to handle the task they were given.
1a: "Jim can't walk in the tall grass. He got promoted to sergeant and just took a month long stress leave"

1b: "I've been training the new hire for a week now and she still can't figure out how to clock in.....she can't walk in the tall grass."

2: "Hey Ron, Jim was late and installed the wiring for 2 rooms today but you were here all day and barely got half of one done. Can't walk in the tall grass?"
by Babakanoosh March 30, 2022
Someone who sticks out more than everyone else. You don’t want to be this person when the lawnmower is coming towards you.
by Imalostcause May 28, 2022