Something that you've pretended not to like since you turned 11, yet can't deny how sick it would be if they really existed.
I don't even need an example. You know damn strait what I'm talking about. Admit it; you want a Pokemon. So do I.

So do I.
by Matt Blanchard May 23, 2008
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Say what you will folks, but Pokemon is one of the greatest games ever released for the Gameboy. Period.

The problem is that Nintendo, through their misguided policy of inundating the market with a whole wack of crappy, kitschy merchandise, not to mention a t.v show and movies galore, alienated their older players. My theory is that most people who complain about how Pokemon is stupid, are actually disenfranchised former Pokemon players. Cause let's face it, back in the day, everybody, and I mean everybody, played it.

And all that is a real shame, because from a strictly gameplay point of view, Pokemon kicks ass. It should have gone down in history as one of the better video game franchises. But thanks to Nintendo's decision to sell the game to eight year olds, that won't happen.
Back when Pokemon was cool, I played it all the time. But then when everyone was like, "This game sucks!" I jumped on the bandwagon, so that I didn't look like a loser.
by go_to_hellas February 9, 2006
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Pokemon are creatures that first appeared on gameboys in Japan in the year 1996.It then became a fad a fad so powerful that pokemon came to America in 1998.It had its own anime and trading card game.Pokemon is still popular but not as popular as it was from 1996-2001.
Pokemon rocks!!
by Sonicfan888 December 28, 2009
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A Japanese series of Animation and Games that was banned in Kansas for promoting "Evolution".
"Dammit Mom! Why are you taking away my Pokemon Cards!?" "Because it will teach you that you were a monkey once."
by Poop Deck May 30, 2007
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Pokemon is a video game that started in tokyo. It is a game in which you have three choices to start out with, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.(The different games as they get newer versions vary by color, Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon Yellow, or even now some gemstones, like Pokemon Diamond And Pearl.) You travel through the region going on adventures, fighting other trainers such as Gym Leaders, and discovering and catching new Pokemon. Pokemon then became a show, starring "Ash Ketchum" who was a ten year old boy who on the day of the "Poke-give-away" slept in and instead of the given starter Pokemon, was given Pikachu, an electric mouse Pokemon. Ash travels throughout the Kanto Region and meets many people such as Brock, the Pewter City Gym Leader, and Misty, The Cerulean City Leader. Pokemon is an entertaining video game and is appropriate for all age groups in my opinion. it is also a pretty good tv show. check it out c:
Boy One: So i just bought the new Pokemon game, Pokemon Black.
Boy Two: I bought Pokemon White!
Boy One: Pokemon is the coolest c:
by OmegaYourMeem:3 December 1, 2011
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It began in Japan. Some guy, known as Okirocho Danana wanted to come up with it. So he did. Pokemon Blue hit the shelves in January '94. It began simply enough- catch all 151 pokemon, train a team and get "Blue" laid. A standard team at L100 was usually along the lines of Caterpie/Mewtwo/Chansey/Shoe/Machoke and of course one of the starters- Zekrom or Ice Beam. Completing the game was simple, though many criticized Nintendo selling the GameShark separately as a cunning marketing ploy. Once one had Gamesharked all 152 pokemon, the chairman of pokemon would send 55 virgins to your home.

The next generation of pokemon came in the form of Pokemon Gold, and now 251 to catch. GameSharking became an arduous process. It was commonplace to find Gamesharkless players selling crack/doing homework for a trade.

Then came Pokemon Violet. To catch the rarer pokemon like furret and castform, one had to attend Nintendo rallies and pledge allegiance to Skeletor.

Finally Pokemon Black/White came, with the new feature of DreamWorld. Although a dangerous tactic, Nintendo had decided to link their DS system with SEGA DreamCast, because it was such a good machine that it deserved to be given another go. Players were able to transfer one of two characters- Shenmue or Sonic- to their DS cartridge in place of their pokemon, as Shenmue is a dangerous mofo, and Sonic is nihilistic and racist against the Dark type, therefore the game was won upon transfer.
Pokemon Blue- A wild Caterpie appeared! Blue sent out Hitmonlee. Wild Caterpie used Flare Blitz! Its not very effective..... Blue's team was turned to dust....Blue blacked out like a pussy!

Pokemon Gold- Hi, would you like to go to rock tunnel? FUCK YOU, beat the elite four first!

Pokemon Pink- Vaporeon used Water Gun! Chansey's "soak all fucking attacks" made the move flaccid and useless.

Pokemon Black- Shenmue used generic martial arts stance. The foe's Dragonite shit itself!
by Atticus Pinch October 11, 2011
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A portmanteau (I believe that's the correct spelling, a combination of two words in one, not dissimilar to a contraction.) of Pocket Monsters. Started by Japanese developer -something- Satoshi from 1990 to its release date six years later. Based off of the small, spherical capsules holding collectable toys. It spawned several side-fanchises like toys, a trading card game, and even an anime

Throughout the five generations, somewhere around 20-22 main-series titles have been released, as well as extras like the Myster Dungeon and Pinball games. This started with Red and Green, and is leading now with Black 2 and White 2.

Unsurprsingly, many people here are butthurt and hold the first two of these Generations, Red (J), Green (J), Red, Blue,Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal as the highest and superior game because they are too ignorant to accept the games that have come around for over a decade. They are known as "Gewunners."
Bob: Bro, I just caught Zekrom in Black 2, you gotta check this shit out!

Joe: Seriously? L0l only gen 1 is good all rest of Pokemon is g4y l0l y0l0 swag.

Bob: Come on, man, why do you gotta be a Genwunner? Just try it out...
by SovietBear December 26, 2012
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