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Say what you will folks, but Pokemon is one of the greatest games ever released for the Gameboy. Period.

The problem is that Nintendo, through their misguided policy of inundating the market with a whole wack of crappy, kitschy merchandise, not to mention a t.v show and movies galore, alienated their older players. My theory is that most people who complain about how Pokemon is stupid, are actually disenfranchised former Pokemon players. Cause let's face it, back in the day, everybody, and I mean everybody, played it.

And all that is a real shame, because from a strictly gameplay point of view, Pokemon kicks ass. It should have gone down in history as one of the better video game franchises. But thanks to Nintendo's decision to sell the game to eight year olds, that won't happen.
Back when Pokemon was cool, I played it all the time. But then when everyone was like, "This game sucks!" I jumped on the bandwagon, so that I didn't look like a loser.
by go_to_hellas February 08, 2006
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Something that you've pretended not to like since you turned 11, yet can't deny how sick it would be if they really existed.
I don't even need an example. You know damn strait what I'm talking about. Admit it; you want a Pokemon. So do I.

So do I.
by Matt Blanchard May 22, 2008
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Pokemon are creatures that first appeared on gameboys in Japan in the year 1996.It then became a fad a fad so powerful that pokemon came to America in 1998.It had its own anime and trading card game.Pokemon is still popular but not as popular as it was from 1996-2001.
Pokemon rocks!!
by Sonicfan888 December 27, 2008
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no kids, not the garbage pokemon that they made. i mean, THE ORIGINAL. this goes back about 10 years. you guys remember when pokemon blue first came out? i know you all got it for christmas that year! cos i know i did. and i played it all night haha. and pokemon cards were the coolest thing ever. and EVERYONE had them in school, even the real popular kids. if you had a charizard, you were pretty much awesome. you sat for hours arranging your cards in a binder, just staring/reading each and every card. you pretty much had every fact about every pokemon memorized. YOU HAD LIKE 500 SLOWPOKES AND YOU HATED SLOWPOKE BECAUSE OF IT. you woke up at 5 am on school days to watch pokemon. you had a bunch of pokemon toys/stuffed animals. on christmas, if there werent 5 packs of pokemon cards in your stocking, you basically hated everything. when you found a "shiny" card you went completely insane. the number of holographic cards a person had defined how cool they were. you brought your gameboy color everywhere so you could level up your pikachu. you always wanted to evolve pikachu with a thunder stone, but dam game wouldnt let you! you snuck your gameboy into school to play, and the teacher never caught you. YOU SECRETLY STILL PLAY GAMEBOY COLOR SOMETIMES (i know i do). you could bust out your gameboy right now and play for 5 hours with no problem. im 17 now, and i can look back on this and it was such a fun time of my life. hah. so all you older people, do you remember these good old days?
Pokemon was so awesome before it diverged into new characters. ..

I remember having trouble fighting the Elite 4 in Blue version and I kept trying until I finally defeated them. THat was the shit!
by Pokemon <3 April 15, 2008
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There are three destinct parts to Pokemon

anime:Responsible for giving Pokemon its "kiddie" reputation.

TCG:I must agree with people about this one, it was pretty horible.

GameBoy game:Aguably a great game. It is much more complex then it seems. Unfurtunatly, most people who bash pokemon because it is "kiddie" would most likely not have the intellegence to fully understand the game at all.

Why people that bashes pokemon always say something about gay sex or masturbating, I'll never know. That South Park episode don't help much either. I just pray that these people asociating the SP episode with the game are being sarcastic. After reading some of these definitions, I wouldn't suprised.
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
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a guilty pleasure. Just found my pokemon collection and I'm hooked again:(....
Mind you, the gameboy games are reeaally good!:D Not as childish as you would think.Theres a fisherman called Nob.....:D HEHE

...I like to reminisce :P
Me-"It's sad isn't it that I used to have a crush on Ash Ketchum off pokemon when I was Nin, Even though he was a cartoon?
by Absolutely-WeIrD May 27, 2007
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A TV show, video game, and card game. Other Pokèmon things can also be action figure like games.The first video games were Red, Blue, and Yellow. Yellow had a Pikachu following you throughout the game unless you took it out of your party. Later they made Chrystal, Gold, and Silver. Chrystal was made after Gold and Silver and was special because the Pokèmon would move when first seen in battle, you could play as a girl, and Suicune was not running around the reigon of Johto, but stayed in battle allowing you to catch it easier. Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald were made on Game Boy, when the older ones were for Game Boy Color. It also hade more Pokèmon added. After that a remake of Red and Blue was made, called Leaf Green and Fire Red. Pokèmon Green was in Japan and Pokèmon Blue was in the U.S during the first games.Then things were made for the new DS, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Another set of Pokèmon was added to the Pokèdex for these games. You could obtain a Pokèradar after defeating the Elite 4 including the champion so you could get more Pokèmon that you couldn't get before, mainly for the Pokèmon from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.A remake of Gold and Silver is coming to the U.S., alreading in Japan for the DS. One of the things in it is allowing you to choose whatever Pokèmon you have to follow you around (Of course you change it, it has to be in your party).
My favorite DS game is Pokèmon Platinum.
by Kitten Lover April 06, 2010
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