Vaughn is one of the most amazing guys you will ever meet in your life. He will make you smile even when your day has been horrible before you saw him. He is a music lover, and will become famous one day. If you don't love Vaughn, then you are absolutely insane because he is pluperfect in the eyes of many girls. Let's face the facts; Vaughn is actually really hot!
I wish I had a friend like Vaughn. :)
by MichaelaDP April 8, 2012
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Vaughn is just him. His silence has many stories and secrets. His words are warm and caring. He always has the best of interest for his friends and loved ones. He's smart, charming and friendly. Also secretly funny. The type of guy you'd tell all your problems to, and he'd help and do everything he can to make you smile and feel better. Though, he is shy and a bit introverted and reserved. He's like the best person to befriend and be with once you get to know him. If you found a Vaughn, don't let him go. He's all the way worth it.
"I met someone today, and he was so special."
"Really? Is he worth it?"
"Yeah, he was a real Vaughn."

"Oohh, i wish i met one."
by whitedawn December 22, 2017
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Vaughn is the best guy ever, literally. Vaughn can also be used as any type of word, verb, adjective, or a noun. All of which mean unbelievably great, or the act of being unbelievably great. (American in origin.{Atlantic Citian to be specific)
Noun = Vaughn is a great guy.

Verb = He is Vaughning right now (as some one does something great.)

Adjective = That cat is totally Vaughn.

Adverb = I ran so Vaughnly that I won the race.
by Alfonse Ammerman June 9, 2005
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A self-professed rebel determined to live by his own rules, including breaking others rules. Vaughn won’t accept anything that doesn’t make sense to him. Stubborn and narrowminded.

A logical thinker, likes to tinker and find out how things work. If he can’t, then it must not work/exist. Some see it as opinionated—this is just how his mind works. A Vaughn needs to see the gears turning to “get” it. For this reason, he likely holds a job in engineering or mechanics. Has a knack for fixing things.

Many consider Vaughn arrogant. His confidence gets him into tricky situations but is also his way out. His devil may care attitude will drive you mad, he’ll do race car moves and still believe he’s the best on the road!

When you really get to know him you’ll realize he is actually so good. A little immature but a heart of gold. The most caring and helpful guy you’ll ever meet. He will see someone pulled over at the side of the road and always stop to help. He’s a gentleman and will always offer a girl his jacket in the cold. But don’t mistake kindness for weakness. You don’t want to make enemies with Vaughn, though that is hard to do since he is chill, friendly, and approachable.

Vaughn is the most handsome, affectionate, sweet, fun, funny, loving, strong, dependable, and sexy person you will ever meet, (amazing in bed 0.0) Be careful, he could shatter your heart into a million pieces. If you ever date a Vaughn, don’t ever take him for granted and don’t ever let him go.
Everybody loves Vaughn, Vaughn is the best person ever.

Person A: where did Vaughn go?

Person B: I think he went to Walmart to go do donuts in the parking lot

Vaughns gf: I miss him already…

Person B: it’s been 10 minutes….

Person A: what a great guy, Vaughn came and picked me up when I hit the ditch late at night last week and totaled my car, made sure I was ok and even helped tow the car out and fixed the car which I thought was toast!!

Person C: are you talking about Vaughn? He is so awesome! He fixed my laptop, brought me cookies for no reason, and we always play video games together. He’s so cool. :)

Vaughns girlfriend: I know right, he’s so amazing I’m so glad I met him, this morning he brought me tea and flowers and chocolates for no reason, it was so sweet I happy cried and we cuddled for an hour

Vaughns ex: *sobbing hysterically in the corner*

Vaughns gf: “bitch it’s been 2 years get over it!!”
by rrubanxxx3746 March 17, 2023
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Physically attractive while being the kindest man on earth once you see him your in love and cant get over him he likes to read and is very strong and he always has your back and is very brave and a amazing personality also contains Abs most of the time known to be a ladies guy and very loyal and always has a charming personality
I finally got a Vaughn
I just got my gf by using my vaughning personality
by I Like Hot Moms February 18, 2019
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Vaughn is an amazing girl she’s one of the most gorgeous people you’ll ever meet in your life time. When you come across a Vaughn don’t ever let go of her ever. She cares about everyone in her sight and has a love and compassion for others. She’s honest and stands you ground she’s not afraid to stand up for what’s right. When you meet Vaughn she will change you for the better she will come into your life and make it amazing. She can be shy at first but once you get to know her she is so funny and kind and loving and empathetic. She has green brown eyes and little brown blonde hair she has an amazing style and smile. If you meet a Vaughn don’t ever let go.
by Autumn howard April 20, 2022
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Never let a vaughn drive your car as they will absolutely wreck your 2nd gear
by JokrrDoesStuff November 24, 2021
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