Something Neil Young can't find.

(also, someone really nice)
"'I've been a miner for a heart of goooldd-'"

"Hey, good song!"
by Alex Quantashassle June 21, 2005
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The blood-pumping organ of a greedy/selfish moocher/fortune-hunter who only yearns for gold; i.e., his main goal in life is to be given money to either hoard or spend frivolously.
In the 1937 comedy-film "Way Out West", Laurel and Hardy play a couple of witless buddies who unknowingly deliver a deed for a gold mine to the wrong woman; the recipient is actually the heiress's devious guardian with a "heart of gold"... Laurel naively "hits home" by telling her, "Now that you own a mine, I bet you'll be a swell gold-digger".
by QuacksO October 30, 2018
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(fiction) One-of-kind starship, shaped like an extremely large white running shoe, powered by the Infinite Improbability Drive.
At the heart of the Heart Of Gold is a heart of gold.
by Downstrike May 19, 2004
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the spaceship stolen by ex-president of the galaxy Zaphod Beblebrox in the book hichhikers guide to the galaxy
by jesse August 29, 2003
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To be Elijah Daniel (@aguywithnolife)
Person A: that person has a heart of gold
Person B: they don't look like Elijah Daniel to me
by Translator Bentz July 9, 2016
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A phrase used when you can think of nothing nice to say about a member of the opposite sex who may not be blessed with the best figure or the most attractive looks.
"Nice lass that Adele, heart of gold"
by Scott Ramsay February 26, 2016
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