A ghetto ass chlamydia ridden town in Iowa, every white trash bitch there thinks they’re black and they’ll sell ya a gram of oregano for $40. only good thing about atlantic is walmart and the rock quarry which is a local smashing spot for horny 16 year olds.
Dude, I just got Herpes from some bitch in atlantic! Ain’t trust no bitch there
by biggayyyyy May 10, 2019
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a place along the beach in delray florida, where every weekend at night lots of kids that do drugs and like to get fucked up go and hangout with eachother without getting caught by the authorities.
hey lets go to atlantic on friday and get fucked up
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Meaning the opposite of "specifically". i.e. Unaccurate and not on-point.

When someone mispronounces the word "specifically" and instead says "pacifically".
Person 1: "No! I'm trying to be pacific about it!"
Person 2: "Pacifically? Versus Atlantically?"
by McTapz December 10, 2013
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A slang term used by rural Georgians to identify the capitol of the state, Atlanta.
Billy an his wife an kids went to Atlanter to see that thar Coker-Coler museum and git summa dem Krispah Kreme donuts.
by madman42 July 19, 2006
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Relating to all things between England and America (Derived from the 'Atlantic Ocean' which links both to each other).
Atlantically speaking, your flight going to Boston will take longer getting there, than it will to come back on the return voyage.
by CallumFoster February 10, 2020
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A major southern city in the state of Georgia.
Hey Sy, we are sick of the cold here in Brooklyn. We are all moving to Atlanta (Alanter)
by Dave April 1, 2004
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the BEST underrated band !! if you listen to them ur hot af 😎😎 . consists of mitchell , clinton & christian aka best artists ‼️ .
person a // have you listened to HER by Chase Atlantic ?
person b // yes ! I have , they’re the best !
person a // you’re hot !
by chase atlantic lover ‼️ . February 28, 2021
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