A chronic gambler; often neglecting to pay his debts on time.
That little brown over there will probably take that bet from you. Thing is though you'll really have to bother him to actually pay you if you win.
by JPHXORL November 28, 2016
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Another term for the anus. Refers to the eyeball quality of the anus when viewed from certain angles or positions because of its uncanny ability to look at or see through a person.
When I was taking her doggy style, her little brown eyeball soulfully gave me a wink of approval.
by sbp1029 October 21, 2013
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a small notebook or document in which an individual keeps a running list of the names and phone numbers of people they have had anal sex with.
bro 1: "hey man, do you have that Puertorrican midget's number?
bro 2: "yeah it's in my little brown book, let me get it"
(bro 2 pulls out LBB)
bro 1: damn, that thing looks like a phone book, no wonder every girl in this city is walking funny."
by mitchy P February 13, 2014
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Referring to someones asshole.
My little brown ring is packed with meat. Meaning you need to take a shit.

Can also be used to describe gay sex act -- Jose got his little brown ring packed with meat by Pedro.
by munkyxtc August 7, 2004
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The tip of a turd poking out your asshole when you have to go really bad. See turtle head
"Where is the bathroom? I got a little brown gnome peeking out."
by Joanna Bailey February 28, 2004
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