Guy 1: Man I was waiting for this girl outside the restaurant, and when she arrived she saw me Vaping. She blocked my number!
Guy 2: You dumbass bitch! You were Vaping. That's why you're single
by Alfonzo May 30, 2016
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something used to help people quit smoking, but is used heavily by the youth industry
Person 1: You still vape?
Person 2: Yeah man
Person 1: That's a waste of your life. Yeet that vape away
by hashtagNOVAPING March 5, 2019
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What your algebra teacher says when a boy asks to use the restroom during class because your school is garbage and has a vaping problem.
“Hey Mr. McD, can I go to the bathroom?”
“Sure Michael, NO VAPING”
by Nataratatat February 11, 2019
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A stupid worldwide pastime, where people sit on their fat asses all day becoming a human smoke machine.
by FLYBOY2900 October 1, 2017
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A term used when enjoying Marijuana out of a vaporizer. Most commonly used when the vaporizer is of good quality (ie. Volcano).
Stoner #1: Wanna get vaped?
Stoner #2: Hell yes! Bust out the Volcano!
by Breeze January 28, 2005
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what old people do to quite smoking. but it suddenly became cool. idek it’s so retarded
oh grandma you vape? can i try to blow a cloud??
by aalriiighty February 23, 2018
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A great way to show that you like the look of massive white farts coming out of your mouth.
Tom: "Hey babe, are you vaping that new flavor yet? It's super good for cloud chasing."

Stacy: "Sorry, its not you, its me. Actually, yeah it is you."
by ɯ August 24, 2018
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