1. A combination vest and cape as popularized by the Spring 2009 Forever 21 collection.

2. Vampire rape. Non-consensual sexual act perpetrated by one or multiple vampires.
That girl is rockin' that vape.

That girl got gang vaped last night.

I got vaped last night. It was scary at first, but I kinda liked it.
by vaper2009 April 02, 2009
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Used to tell people you are going somewhere, or you have to leave. Refers to the term "vapourize"

Can be used as a replacement for the terms ; "dip", "dipset", etc.

founded by MAESHA, MOHINI, ANISHA & somewhat by HARDEEP
"If the bus dont come in 5 more minutes im VAPE"

"i hear my mom coming up the stairs im vape"
by maeshaa March 05, 2008
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Vape is a C++ program that injects into the javaw.exe process Minecraft and pretty much gives you steroids. The Vape Client is the most popular client there is, it's considered the best public ghost client there is; it became famous on the Minecraft community for being one of the first external (injectable clients).
You're clearly fucking vape, blatant kid.
by obnoxiousquid May 30, 2018
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