You look dumb asf. You are stupid as all hell. Beyond ignorant. Avoid at all costs.
Dawg, you sound like you look! Your words are absolute trash and so is your appearance. Good riddance.
by HamBroo April 28, 2020
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Southern expression used to describe one being in a situation, presented with a problem, or given a task wherin the person has no idea what to do, what they are looking at, or is unable to understand what is being described.
Jim: What did the Professor discuss in class today?
Jed: Man, i don't know. I sat in my chair "like a hog looking at a wristwatch" for the entire lecture!
by gottaclue October 16, 2004
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An idiomatic phrase expressing that if something looks and acts a certain recognizable way, it probably is exactly what it appears to be.
"After the liquor store was robbed, a man was found leaving the scene carrying a gun. Did he commit the crime?"
"If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck."
by AH73 October 18, 2013
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1. You don't look good, but it's rude to tell you so.

2. You look good. (Possible)
Situation: someone has on out of style/season clothing and/Or jacked weave or hairstyle.. shoes, bag etc. You want to be nice but not lie.

"Haven't seen you in a while, look at you, looking like you're looking"

"You look good, over there looking like you're looking" (possible)
by BlossomBubblezButtercup January 10, 2022
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be worried about
I do not like the look of that bruise on your hand.
by Minh Huy January 9, 2017
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