Vaping like a dragon.
Ryan is the king of cloud chasing.
by Kaliking February 14, 2014
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Trying to produce the largest, densest, most opaque cloud while vaping.
Del is the vape king. When he's cloud chasing you can't even see his head
by Horma July 21, 2016
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When a person usually (A Young Male On Social Media) Give to charity such as giving money to the homeless Giving food to a food pantry or homeless shelter Or straight up giving out cash Only or heavily for the purpose of receiving likes adoration are even money by ad sponsors
I'm sick of Mr. Beast being Charity Cloud Chase If you wanna give to charity that's fine but you know have to post it on social media
by EmJayee November 27, 2019
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Cloud chasing competitions are events where vape fanatics gather to speculate cloud chasers competing to exhale the biggest clouds using vape mods and rebuildable drip atomizers.
My friends go to cloud chasing competitions every weekend and sometimes compete to win bottles of e-juice or a new mod.
by longislandguy94 May 25, 2016
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