A grueling, but neccesary, choice.
I never had cavities before I started my 7 year smoking American Spirit habit. Now at age 21, I've already had 5. More than $700 in damage, not counting the pack price in CT which is about $11.50 or more. I wish I quit smoking sooner
by Thepieinthesky January 14, 2018
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Something that is hard to do (Also hard if with a highly drugged kind of smoke) but good and necessary thing to do because of lung cancer And blood coughing it is the most greatest thing to experiment.
Bro smoking is ruining my life my family is ashamed of me and a pack I spent every year is 11,000.0

I’m gonna quit smoking because I spend so much dollar’s aka USD or Euros or Yen or Russian ruble I wish I could quit soon or today by now . if you struggle to quit please go to this website nicodermcq.Com )
by Α January 25, 2022
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