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Yeet is a beautiful and commnly misused word. It is very flexible and can take many parts of speech.

However, it's tenses are often used incorrectly. In the future, you "will yeet," In the present you "are yeeting," and in the past, "you yote."

"Yote" is often replaced with "yeeted," but that is a prime example of poor grammar. Using "yeeted" instead of "yote" would be like saying "eated" instead of "ate." It makes you sound like a baby or a moron.

"Yeet" as a verb

1. to make a violent motion of any variety, such as a "whip," or any motion that may be associated with violent camera shake or photo blur.

2. "Yeet" is quite commonly used as a verb for the specific purpose of throwing an object forcefully over a long distance.

3. "Yeet" can also be used as something you'd include in a sentence to describe what happened to someone who has been greatly or suddenly defeated in a competition such as sports or a video game.

"Yeet" as a pro-sentence

1. In this case, "yeet" takes the role of "yes." You'd say "yeet" instead of "yes" or "yeah" if you want people to know you're fun and hip.

"Yeet" as an exclamation

1. This form of "yeet" can be exclaimed in any situation where the verb form could be used to describe the action in which the speaker is currently partaking. For instance, if you throw something violently or hit a nasty whip, you may exclaim "Yeet!" while doing so.
When Johnny entered the whipping competition, you better believe he hit 'em with that yeet.

Dan yote the basketball from half court.

Damn, those guys really got yote at the end of last night's game.

Q. Hey, you wanna grab something to eat?
A. Yeet.

The Astros are going to the World Series! YEET!
by Pasguine October 28, 2017
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An extremely expressive word that can be used in many situations.
On one end of the spectrum, "yeet" can be bellowed with a full, guttural sound whilst lobbing an object furiously to assert authority (great for water balloons and empty containers). On the other hand, "yeet" can be used gently, like the faint brush of a butterfly's wings as it crosses one's lips, as one completes a difficult task (i.e. boss in a difficult game, tough question on a math test).
I bet I can hit that bird with this rock. YEET!
by BiggieBigelow April 09, 2017
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n. Everyone thinks they know what it means until they realize they have no f*cking clue
"Hi", friendly person said.
by Delyrious Boy July 23, 2017
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A word one may scream while propelling an object through the air at alarming speeds, heights, and etc.
"YEET!" Mei screamed, hurling the football at her catcaller's head.
by carryingthebanner October 23, 2017
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To violently throw an object that you deem to be worthless, inferior or just plain garbage. It is not uncommon for the person participating in this act to yell the word, "YEET!" at the top of his or her lungs, notifying all surrounding individuals in the area that said object is useless.
John: "Hey man! Happy 21st birthday! I got you this for your special day, hope you enjoy!"
Jack: "KidzBop? Are you serious?"
John: "I thought you liked it? It has some nice songs on it and..."
Jack: "YEET!"
by 2400 SAT Score April 11, 2014
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Yeet can mean anything.
Person: Ayyye she fine

Person 2: Where?

Person: YEET

Person: Ayyye can I see that?
Person 2: *gives drink*
Person: *throws drink across the hall* YEET
by iRxch June 06, 2015
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