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When you take a womans vagina and cup it into the shape of a pyramid/cone, then you squeeze it until cum squirts out of it. When cum squirts out, that means the volcano has erupted.
I just experienced a volcano last night.

It felt gooooooood.
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by MyBigFatBoobs February 08, 2020
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1. A really good vaporizer that uses bags which fill up with vapor pretty fast. It's expensive as hell, around $500.

2. When a smoker coughs or laughs into a pipe or bong, making shit fly out of the bowl like lava out of a volcano.

3. An opening on a planet where lava comes out.
1. Mary got enough for a vaporizer!

2. God damn it, Jimmy pulled a volcano and all the bud fell out. ):

3. Hawai'i has volcanos.
by contagion; July 24, 2008
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The greatest and best vaporizer in the world. Milks the vapor for you into a plastic bag, which is then inhaled through a mouth piece attatchment. The purest way to get high off of marijuana, other than eating it. Also used by some chefs to flavor food.
"Hey man, I got really high off that Volcano...almost, dare I say it...too high."
by Jack Herer September 27, 2006
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a girl queefs while on her period, causing a bloody eruption
Dang! Candace, your vag is like a volcano!
by ilikeeruptions June 06, 2009
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Just like us, the very thing we dwell upon has pimples too. Volcanoes apear in many shapes and sizes on the face of the Earth with no clear way to dispose of them.
by Memberberry Tea December 18, 2018
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A gift from god. The volcano vaporizer is probly the greatest device i have used to smoke. It shoots hot air upwards towards the bud and causes the THC to "vaporize" into a plastic bag in seconds. Or you can use a 9 ft bag like we did one time. Just place lips on mouthpiece of the bag and inhale. It is also one of the safest ways to get high. Even after just one normal bag will get you blazed. The cool thing too is that it doesnt burn the weed. It just removes the THC which in turn turns the bud brown. Its nasty to smoke the leftovers and doesnt really get you high. But you can turn that into hash.
Dude 1: Volcano dude is home!
Dude 2: Hell ya lets get fuckin throwed
Dude 3: Imma call him
(Everyone goes in and all 5 people get their own bag)
Everyone: DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by TXstoner38 July 14, 2009
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