via text message:
friend: so when are you gonna ask her out
me: idek!!😂
by little missed December 3, 2014
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used in AIM or computer messages. stand for: "I don't even know"
boys: "who is that?"

girl: "idek"
by Rachel Prytfdye78wo October 6, 2008
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An abbreviation for "i don't even know", commonly used after doing something stupid. Originating from
loser1: dude, why the h3ll did you bang that nasty slutty?
loser2: lol, idek, she was dirty
loser1: right in the fupa, huh?
loser2: ... *dies*
by monkeyboy February 23, 2004
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example 1:
guy1: check my super awesome moves bruh!
does weird wobbly dance
guy2: haha idek how to react to that

example 2:
guy: what's wrong? didn't you like the movie?
girl: it's... the first one had meaning, this one was just... idek

example 1337:
game: click this button!
game shows explosions with heavy dubstep
game: you win!!!
gamer: wtf... idek what I did!

example 4:
girl: Is Jess gonna be there?
guy: Matt didn't tell me anything... idek who's going

example 5:
idek why anyone would need another example. (see what I did there?)
by I signed so I could comment March 13, 2015
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"Idek" is a lazy way of saying "I don't even know" or "I didn't even know"
depends on the situation.
Person 1: "Did you know about that game on sunday?"
Person 2: "Idek about it, how'd you hear about it?"
Person 1: "Oh, just a friend"
by OvenBakeG January 18, 2016
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literally means just "i don't even know".
it's so fricking simple.
by yuki-!°``° July 1, 2021
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