A vape is also known as Vaporizers, it was meant to prevent old people to stop smoking. Now young teens use it to seem "cool" and try to show off to their friends. They should be known as pussies for wasting money on a vape or even using one. It's for sad people that don't get attention at home or by their friends.
John: Hey zack, want to go to the park?

Zack: No, I'm going to go to my house and vape because I'm so rad!

John: Seems like you're a fucking pussy for using one.
by Real_Robin October 23, 2020
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A Chinese rip off of Bape. A vacuuming ape
by Himatbye January 10, 2019
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a little faggot that likes clouds and likes touching pp
Hey, i vape
I didnt know u were gay
by w3stcoastwhiteboy January 8, 2019
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without combustion, the perfect tea, to vape is the application of heat to release delicate oils from your kindest herbs. Each herb has a distinct pattern of terpinoids that produce a unique psychedelic flavor. To vape, the proper combination of heat and airflow allows you to rise in temperature to release a light aromatic vapor directly from your herbs! Fuck e-cigs! Fuck e-juice! Just say no to glycol and glycerin. Vapes are the future. Herbs for life.
I love to vape the finest herbs.

Fuck e-cigs, put your dry herbs in a real vape and just vape it!

Glycol and glycerin is fake like McDonald's, vape the real thing.

Like a perfect cup of tea, rise up, touch God, and kiss the sky.... Get Vaped!

Who is Mary Jayne
by JoshyBalls November 30, 2014
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Probably not the best thing for you. Mostly used so u don't smoke LOUD or do cigarettes.its is flavored juice that gets vaporized ,people sometimes think it's better than smoking but they put nicotine in the flavored liquids so...... U still can have tar like patches on your lungs.
#1 person)That's VAPE !!!

#2 person)Ya want to try

#1 person)Nah I'll pass

#2 person)Ok good call
by Nivanna December 11, 2017
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Vape is a C++ program that injects into the javaw.exe process Minecraft and pretty much gives you steroids. The Vape Client is the most popular client there is, it's considered the best public ghost client there is; it became famous on the Minecraft community for being one of the first external (injectable clients).
You're clearly fucking vape, blatant kid.
by obnoxiousquid May 31, 2018
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