Vaping is an activity done by the species known as “the 14 yr old attention whore who self diagnosed herself with anxiety and depression” and vaping is as bad as smoking
Me: aye ugly bitch with the primary color highlights

Bitch with the highlights: fuck you nigga you don’t know me *hits vape*
Me: fat bitch
by sc:og.shazzlefraze aka Jamal February 15, 2018
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Lela: I added my Omegle friend on Skype! c:
Emily: Dude, you're gonna get Vaped!
by browniekiller September 29, 2013
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Used to tell people you are going somewhere, or you have to leave. Refers to the term "vapourize"

Can be used as a replacement for the terms ; "dip", "dipset", etc.

founded by MAESHA, MOHINI, ANISHA & somewhat by HARDEEP
"If the bus dont come in 5 more minutes im VAPE"

"i hear my mom coming up the stairs im vape"
by maeshaa March 5, 2008
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Gayboy: Hey man, you should stop smoking hookah a new thing called vape came out
Straight guy: nah man, only fags vape, I'm gonna stick to smoking my shisha
by Dark Random November 29, 2019
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A strange practice that involves fully grown adults blowing scented water vapour into the atmosphere from a phallic styled vaping device.

Some say vaping is a healthy replacement for a traditional cigarette.
Others say vaping just makes you look like a knob.
Person A: I love vaping, this new summer fruits liquid is the nuts.

Person B: Wtf, you're a fully grown adult walking around blowing summer fruits scented water vapour into the air?!
Person A: Yea, me & all the cool kids love a Vape.
Person B: Is that the same cool kids who enjoyed a cheeky smoke behind the bike sheds in school & now wipe down my table in Mcdonalds?
Person A: Do you want fries with that?
by jumparound00 August 14, 2016
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The quickest way to make all your friends hate you.
Guy 1: bro I just bought this new juice called strawberry cheesecake.. Do you wanna go behind the school and start vaping with me and billy?
Guy 2: no... Kill yourself Chad
by BrerMason May 22, 2016
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The process by which one inhales vapour from a personal vaporiser, or e-cig.

Used instead of 'smoking' to describe the action of someone sucking on the business end of an e-cig instead of a death stick
Obama really ought to quit smoking and start vaping.
by El Cucurucho Grande January 14, 2009
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