Man let me see that vape so I can show my boy Jeffrey to vape that oil.
by Hottie b mi May 26, 2015
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without combustion, the perfect tea, to vape is the application of heat to release delicate oils from your kindest herbs. Each herb has a distinct pattern of terpinoids that produce a unique psychedelic flavor. To vape, the proper combination of heat and airflow allows you to rise in temperature to release a light aromatic vapor directly from your herbs! Fuck e-cigs! Fuck e-juice! Just say no to glycol and glycerin. Vapes are the future. Herbs for life.
I love to vape the finest herbs.

Fuck e-cigs, put your dry herbs in a real vape and just vape it!

Glycol and glycerin is fake like McDonald's, vape the real thing.

Like a perfect cup of tea, rise up, touch God, and kiss the sky.... Get Vaped!

Who is Mary Jayne
by JoshyBalls November 30, 2014
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Probably not the best thing for you. Mostly used so u don't smoke LOUD or do cigarettes.its is flavored juice that gets vaporized ,people sometimes think it's better than smoking but they put nicotine in the flavored liquids so...... U still can have tar like patches on your lungs.
#1 person)That's VAPE !!!

#2 person)Ya want to try

#1 person)Nah I'll pass

#2 person)Ok good call
by Nivanna December 10, 2017
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What literally all 8th graders do in class.
I saw Joey vape behind Mrs. Diana's back in math.
via giphy
by Delaneyab March 23, 2018
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Lela: I added my Omegle friend on Skype! c:
Emily: Dude, you're gonna get Vaped!
by browniekiller September 29, 2013
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