Strong, independent girl who is a free spirit and a bit of a wild child. Extremely protective of her loved ones and a very talented artist.
Just enjoy life and stay wild, like Valeri.
by FloridaHippie August 26, 2019
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A beautiful, very talented writer. If she is your friend, she will stick by you no matter what.
Tends to have Madison's or Madi's as best friends.
girl one: wow, did you hear what she wrote?
girl two: yeah, it was amazing. she really is a valeri.
by ohmadi January 9, 2010
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This name belongs to a type of person that is generally very attractive(has handsome features). They could be also recognized as "Vals",short from "Valeri". Trying to deny their sexiness would be considered a sin in some cultures. This humanoid usually is not very funny or has his own type humor that rarely anyone understands. That is why they are often shamed about it, but considering their nature, they would most probably not even notice as they sometimes can be very self-orientated. That is not to be taken as the "Vals" is egocentric. It simply means they are rarely bothered by the opinion of others in the humanoid pack. "Valeri" humans usually give very considerate presents and gifts, so they are the perfect humanoid creature to have around for the holidays. They can be cuddled easily and would prefer to be cozy at home than outside, talking to others and being shamed for their humor, in public. "Vals" are people that are kind-hearted, love animals ,especially the rare non-insect animal species "Gergana". They sometimes can be seen together, but only if the "Valeri" are well-styled and carefully prepared for interactions with others beforehand. The "Vals" have an instant desire to be part of artistic waves and collections. They are very connected to the art of music and their beautiful taste should never be left unnoticed by other human beings! "Valeri" is an amazing creature to be around and you would not miss a lot if you do not have one in your life!
Valeri is someone to be missed when not around.

That good-looking an is definitely the Vals.
No greater music could be listened than the one that Valeri plays for you!
by qwereqwere December 20, 2021
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Synonym of the word 'wank', derived from the name of Juventus and Bulgaria forward Valeri Bojinov, on the basis that his name sounds like the term "bodging off".
"You comin out later?"
"yeah but I'll be late probs cos I need a Valeri"
by Chris Cowley May 8, 2007
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When she's responsible, she's really responsible, but when she's not, she's probably watching Youtube videos of cops tackling people. Cuz why not. Thinks with her heart AND her head, because people who act from emotion-only and make dumb choices really annoy her. Doesn't like when people bring drama to her door, and prefers friends who are wiser than their years.

Enjoys secrets, cartoons, the right to be silly, laughing, sometimes really loudly, good books, friends, classic films, and cuddling. Not the most romantic, but enjoys watching romance films. Can't handle people who are high maintenance very well.

Valeries are the type to pick up where they left off, so if you haven't seen her in two months, its totally cool, cuz she still considers you her best friend. Fiercely protective of loved ones, the first to stick up for someone being bullied, and in an emergency, is quick on her feet. Cheating is not an option. Honor, virtue, and a good reputation are her aim, just like she reads in her beloved Jane Austin books.

Motto- "don't think, don't feel, just do". - "keep it real, keep it simple, keep it real simple".
Hates letting people down, loves lifting people up.
When angry, will fantasize about flinging bricks through windows.

When vulnerable, will pull into her shell faster than Donatello.
Likes trying new things in new places.

Believes there is a huge difference between a female and Woman.
Who are you talking about? Valerie?! Oh yeah, that chick is the Ultimate woman!
by halobunny1976 July 25, 2019
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Valery is a Gorgeous girl. She is usually short and very funny. She'll crack a joke at every opportunity that shows up to her. She's very wise . She is very talented at anything and everything. She is an artistic person and loves to talk a lot. She may seem shy at first ... but be aware that she is very talkative if you give her a Few days. She has an amazing smile and she is very playful. But be careful... because once mad she is very wise into how to get through situations .
Girl : Woah! Have you seen how gorgeous Valery is?
Boy: she looks amazing !
Girl : Yup , she's my best friend!
by Jholjer March 14, 2017
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3.Amazing #1 best friend
4.Beautiful on the inside and out
4.there for you no matter what
Valerie is an amazing friend!
by Friendosfordaystho September 23, 2019
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