A country that you didn't know existed until someone from there keeps bringing it up.
Friend: Yoooo in my glorious country Bulgaria, they have those but wayyyy better. America sucks.
Other friend: Isn't Bulgaria a picnic park in Russia?
by squiffy121 September 23, 2020
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A small nation with a shit ton of corruption(sorry Boiko Borisov), gypsys, strong alcohol, nice girls? and nice nature.
Bulgaria is a nation.
What did you expect?
by Kalestrov March 30, 2020
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A disease that household pets often can receive which causes the animal to lose their teeth
I noticed my pet chinchilla had Bulgaria when his teeth were scattered around his cage.
by Alexandrine Joffrey April 13, 2016
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A country in Southeastern Europe. The majority of the population consists of South Slavic people with desperate need to present themselves as non-Slavic due to historical inferiority complex caused by Russia; they have also a surprisingly large amount of ethnic minorities which are treated in a way Hitler could only dream of, and yet they like to pose as the most tolerant country in Eastern Europe. The thought pattern of an average Bulgarian is very peculiar and absolutely incomprehensive from the point of view of any inhabitant of a relatively civilised country, yet it's perceived as totally normal by the natives and their equally backwards neighbours, such as Serbs, Romanians etc.

It has to be noted that Bulgarians themselves are fully aware of their miserable condition and talk about it all the time, yet they will never admit it in front of a foreigner; a trait shared by Serbs and Eastern Slavs as well.
Average Bulgarian: Dude, I hate it here, fuck these uncultured swines. Oh how I wish I was born in a normal country...
Foreigner: Yes mate, I see what you're talking about. I can't believe you live in that shit. See, I have these tickets...
Bulgarian: What? Fuck you, faggot, shove them up your ass! I love my motherland! We have the most beautiful girls in the worlds, I've written about them on urbandictionary! Fuck you fat fuck! Fuck.
by popyordanov November 27, 2013
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A country where you can find weed in 10 minutes, but not buy Monster at Billa.
- Yo, they didn't sell me monster even though I am 15!!
-Yeah fuck Bulgaria
by UrMomGayLmaoooo December 29, 2021
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Regarded as the country where a lot of beautiful women live.
-Dude, I love Bulgarian women!
-I know!
by Georgi Trifonov March 10, 2005
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A piece of land, populated by people with absolutely no deep psychological issues, who are not neurotic at all. Also a land, populated by the most well-educated people. Every single bulgarian knows everything about history, football, women/men, advanced geopolitics, investing in cryptocurrency, psychology, medicine, conspiracies, religion...you name it - they know it. An excellent environment for upbringing children, if you wish them not to become ignorant, oblivious, 1-dimensional and genuinely stupid alcoholics and/or heroin junkies. The pinnacle of human evolution. Only quality content in there.
"Why is that boy acting so weird? Is he from Bulgaria?"

"Oh, yeah, I once went to that shitty place. What was it called? Bulgaria?"

"Dude, last night I had sex with that godly girl! She's so stupid and profane, but she's a thunderstorm in bed!"
"Oh, you mean that chick from Bulgaria? Yeah, she's a dumb whore!"
by Chad Broski Maximum April 29, 2022
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