When she's responsible, she's really responsible, but when she's not, she's probably watching Youtube videos of cops tackling people. Cuz why not. Thinks with her heart AND her head, because people who act from emotion-only and make dumb choices really annoy her. Doesn't like when people bring drama to her door, and prefers friends who are wiser than their years.

Enjoys secrets, cartoons, the right to be silly, laughing, sometimes really loudly, good books, friends, classic films, and cuddling. Not the most romantic, but enjoys watching romance films. Can't handle people who are high maintenance very well.

Valeries are the type to pick up where they left off, so if you haven't seen her in two months, its totally cool, cuz she still considers you her best friend. Fiercely protective of loved ones, the first to stick up for someone being bullied, and in an emergency, is quick on her feet. Cheating is not an option. Honor, virtue, and a good reputation are her aim, just like she reads in her beloved Jane Austin books.

Motto- "don't think, don't feel, just do". - "keep it real, keep it simple, keep it real simple".
Hates letting people down, loves lifting people up.
When angry, will fantasize about flinging bricks through windows.

When vulnerable, will pull into her shell faster than Donatello.
Likes trying new things in new places.

Believes there is a huge difference between a female and Woman.
Who are you talking about? Valerie?! Oh yeah, that chick is the Ultimate woman!
by halobunny1976 July 25, 2019
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3.Amazing #1 best friend
4.Beautiful on the inside and out
4.there for you no matter what
Valerie is an amazing friend!
by Friendosfordaystho September 23, 2019
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Valerie is a girl that is very pretty beautiful and loves people (sometimes) she is the best girlfriend you will EVER have and when all grown will be the most wonderful person ever
by Johnjacobperson? April 6, 2018
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A beautiful, crazy girl who may act tough on the outside, but fragile on the inside. She love's to act, she can sing, play's sports especially Volleyball. Valerie always thinks she's never good enough but little does she know she puts a smile on everyone's face. She sometimes thinks she's not worth living, she goes through a lot of things. You do not want to mess with Valerie, she will hurt you if you hurt who she loves and cares about. When it comes to her being aggressive she will go full blown latina on your ass, grab a chancleta or anything in her hand and give you a chankletaso. She has amazing golden brown hair that is curly and on the thicker side. She is actually really shy once you get to know her then you build a funny friendship. She is cute on the relationship side, will always get worried or just tell you that she really loves you. Valerie is the type of person you want as a friend forever, and if the lover, she won't leave you because she loves you too much to let you go. Just don't get on her bad side and she's a cute and adorable girl.
"Oh who is she? I saw her throwing her bookbag at some dude at school."

"She's Valerie, she got pissed at someone, she's an amazing person."
"I bet she is, she can defend herself good, what's with the sandal?"

" Oh she's hispanic, she's funny like that so you mess with her she gives you something called a "chankletaso"."
by ??random A.L?? February 22, 2019
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Valerie is an awesome, kind friend. She's a sensitive friend, but she's actually saying what she thinks. She will help you out in almost everything. If you have a friend like that be grateful! :3
She's a good friend, Valerie.
by Starlight_Moon January 22, 2021
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Valerie is a skinny legend who cares about all the people around her. If you are not her friend, well too bad because she will no longer accept friendships from anyone because bitches be bonkers. If you ever walk out of her life, you will truly regret it in the end because she is a down girl, don’t ever question her loyalty. She is a smart, determined, and beautiful young lady. She is also a bad bitch and no on can kill her.
Valerie is a bad bitch omg I want to be her friend.
Valerie skinnydelicious.
by Valerie G March 28, 2019
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A truly stellar girl that leaves a great impression on anyone who she comes in contact with. Makes a great friend who will listen to anything that you have to say. Although somewhat sarcastic she’s awesome.
Tyler: Lol Valerie I told you I would do it.
Valerie: OMG! I’m so impressed thx
by Willyougotohomecomingwithme September 26, 2017
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