Girl who has these 3 things standing out on her face:
1) Eyelashes
2) Cheekbones
3) Lips
Has full lips, sexy pout, lush hair and a beautiful smile.
dude 1: whos that girl?
dude 2: dude, she's a gorgeous girl. check out the cheekbones.
by sshjustkissme February 03, 2007
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When there's a girl who is way too gorgeous standing in the music room looking out of the window. When you see her you get so nervous and your arm twists. Sometimes you see her in the hallway with her gorgeous chapped lips and her friend with the gorgeous hair and her other friend with the tissue stuck to her foot and you cry because they're way too gorgeous and you're nothing of the sort compared to them. OH MY GOSH! STUNNING! BEAUTIFUL!
"Did you see the gorgeous girl in the music room?"
"Yeah she was looking way too gorgeous"
by olivialoveswellyboots January 11, 2020
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