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Valery is a Gorgeous girl. She is usually short and very funny. She'll crack a joke at every opportunity that shows up to her. She's very wise . She is very talented at anything and everything. She is an artistic person and loves to talk a lot. She may seem shy at first ... but be aware that she is very talkative if you give her a Few days. She has an amazing smile and she is very playful. But be careful... because once mad she is very wise into how to get through situations .
Girl : Woah! Have you seen how gorgeous Valery is?
Boy: she looks amazing !
Girl : Yup , she's my best friend!
by Jholjer April 13, 2017
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The bestest friend you'll ever have. She's gorgeous and very caring. She goes with the flow and almost never complains. She's lots of fun and you'll always have a good time with her. She's smarter than she thinks she is. She falls for guys easily and seems to get hurt a lot. But oneday she will find her perfect guy because she is so beautiful.
Valery is gorgeous!
by BAM Baby June 24, 2010
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Valery is a super sexy and hot girl and is very exiting and energetic she usually loves playing sports and all the guys fall for her she's the bestest friend you'll have and is very real and is always there for you but if you mess with her your going to regret it don't mess with her!
Whoa! Did you see valery today she looked so hot
by Katiemother July 21, 2017
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A amazing girl who has many personalitys that are amazing, she has many friends and is very gorgeous she the best
by Harrison 7 May 23, 2016
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A Cowan's crush. Usually very pretty and smart. Will be sought after by many guys.
I am in love with Valery, she's so hot.
by Haha revenge September 28, 2011
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Valery is a wonderful short girl! She loves getting hugged and her heart is very fragile. If you’re valerys Bestfriend or friend you are lucky to have her as one! She’ll care for you and she’ll always have your back no matter what happens to her! She is a very good singer and she has lots of talents that others don’t know ! Valery has a sweet tooth so hand her anything that has sweets in it or sourness! She is beautiful,and kind! Also she has a very good personality and she is a person to date cause she is loyal and loving. Her smile will make anyone’s day. Valery loves to make others happy cause it makes her happy. She’ll try to make your day when you are sad, she will try her best to make you happy even if it takes all day or night! Valery is a really good kisser as you can tell. Every guy would want her as their girlfriend but she doesn’t Always go for the looks she goes for the personality but just a little bit of looks. Valery loves getting hugs from people cause it makes her feel better! Even though if she’s sad or mad she’ll still try to make others happy so she could also be happy too. She will deny that she isn’t beautiful when she is !
Boy: Wow valery is a beautiful girl!
Girl: I know right she’s also a great Bestfriend!
Boy 2: I want to date her.
by Idek anonymous October 01, 2018
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An awesomely awesome girl , that has a very particular diet, and can't be hugged. She is a very dedicated friend and likes having pets. She has to be told things upfront because she refuses to see what's happening right before her eyes.
Whoa Valery can write upside down.
by avails February 24, 2010
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