One who is aware of, or on the look out for Vagina.
Keith always knows when a lady has entered the room without even looking, he's very vagilant.
by Curtis and Tara Show Podcast December 15, 2009
Adjective: (vaj-il-unt)

1. To remain keenly alert and tirelessly watchful of one's inate and uncontrollable ability to sleep with/snog/flirt outrageously with women who are not your girlfriend or wife; especially whilst drunk or high on drugs.

vagilance .n
vagilantly .adv
vagilantness. n
"Me and the bros are hitting up to this dope club later and there's always mo' hot chicks in there so I need to remain vagilant, for the sake of my marriage"

"Dude that fuckin bitch is so hot I need to step up my vagilance"

"Pdex vagilantly saved Renzo from getting with this cougar last night, Renzo was forever grateful"
by The Great RenZini January 26, 2012
A woman who is fastidious about the cleanliness of their vagina.
I'm glad my new girlfriend Jennifer is so vagilent- I never have to wonder what I'm going to get in that area.
by edsmsl December 31, 2009
The condition of being agile with one's vagina. AKA, slutty
Dude, Tara is quite vagile, her vagina moves quick from dick to dick

by pmonaaaaaaaaaaaay January 25, 2009
a mental condition when one is obsessed with the female gender
The poor fellah was suffering from a bad case of vagilitis, he was so obsessed with the tart he couldn't get her of his mind
by ninesheets April 13, 2013
Keeping an eye out for a hot chick from the Latin Vagilentis meaning "searching for a hot piece of ass" . In ancient Rome Bachelors were called "Semper Vagilentis" meaning "always searching for a hot piece of ass".
Since Kurt hadn't gotten laid in a while he decided he needed to become more Vagilent .
by Paraman December 21, 2010
Vaginal Agility. The vagina's ability to adapt and conform to all shapes and sizes with ease (or the lack of.)
Did you see that 3ft. cucumber she used? Her vagility is off the hook.
by Sigtric July 7, 2016