1 definition by The Great RenZini

Adjective: (vaj-il-unt)

1. To remain keenly alert and tirelessly watchful of one's inate and uncontrollable ability to sleep with/snog/flirt outrageously with women who are not your girlfriend or wife; especially whilst drunk or high on drugs.

vagilance .n
vagilantly .adv
vagilantness. n
"Me and the bros are hitting up to this dope club later and there's always mo' hot chicks in there so I need to remain vagilant, for the sake of my marriage"

"Dude that fuckin bitch is so hot I need to step up my vagilance"

"Pdex vagilantly saved Renzo from getting with this cougar last night, Renzo was forever grateful"
by The Great RenZini January 26, 2012