A 'The Gate Wars' (previously StargateWars) forum poster and role player since early 2005. Only player to ever have had a unique colour (black), a personal title and his own forum section. Hailed and respected for his sole approach to being a bad guy and role playing. Many look up to and respect him (being voted as one of the most liked players in the last two years) but others don't and view his trolling as a catalyst that brought lot of trouble to TGW community.

Founder of the 'Semper Games' that has now spread over internet to youtube and beyond and become way of life for some.

Known Role Plays: Dr Cox, V, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Sidious, The Joker.
"Hello Coxy!"

"Semper for Admin!"

"Semper for President!"

"I better not say anything stupid or Semper will stop santa bringing me presents at christmas."

"-awaits Semper to come and make long controversial bullying post to ruin all my points-"

"just don't write a rebuttal semper! I dont think I could handle it."
by Hansbot-t October 10, 2009
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mutation from the Latin meaning "always a dog", always being a dog, always base and self-gratifying, always begging handout, freebees, sex, gratuities. Always "dogging it".
When Zeb related to ladies and friends in his base self-serving way he was "Semper Fido" - always doglike.
by jim christ November 29, 2007
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Adaptation of the Marine Corps motto: Semper Fi (Latin for Always Faithful). Used to describe the general Marine attitude (i.e always be flexible with plans cause something will change that will fuck up your night) towards the constant changes that are rampant in every Marine unit.
Marine 1: Hey man, go easy at the bar tonight, just found out we have a CFT at 04
Marine 2: Oh well, semper gumby
by DevilDogPOG October 27, 2011
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The motto of the United States Coast Guard, meaning "always ready".
"The Coast Guard is a service that is always Semper Paratus."
by USCG BM3 December 12, 2013
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A common but unofficial motto of the US Navy. Semper Fortis is of latin origin and actually translates 2 ways; "Always Powerful" and Always Courageous".

I saw an incorrect translation of a term my father held dear to his heart; much like a marine would hold "Semper Fidelis" close to theirs, so im correcting it in hopes of spreading knowledge. My father was a Navy Corps man in Vietnam. Was a POW for 19 months "unofficially". Get facts & research BEFORE posting publicly people! 😏
"Semper Fortis 'til our dying breath! Corps man Up, Doc!"
by LadyKatarina June 11, 2017
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When marines are in the midst of being left with out orders, they are therefore told to "standby" Which can be from one minute to an indefinate amount of hours. Leaving the marine to do nothing but sit stare. Which in turn drives marines crazy. Which is followed by crazy ass marines, doing stupid ass shit.
Pfc Smuckatelli: What are we gonna do today?

Pfc D*ckFace: Well, ssgt told us to standby. for god knows how long.

Pfc Smuckatelli: Well you wanna go put on our flaks and practice spartan kicks?

Pfc D*ckFace: Oh fuck ya. ooorah. Thank god for semper standby!
by Pfc Poopy February 28, 2009
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"Semper Fidelis"
1.Marine Pride;

2.The Motto of the United States Marine Corps. Latin for always faithful. Faithful to God, Country, Family and the Corps.

3.Semper Fidelis is a Latin motto translating to "always faithful". It is the motto of:The Marine Corps

4.Semper Fidelis is the title of the official march of the United States Marine Corps, composed by John Phillip Sousa in 1889. Sousa was director of the United States Marine Corp Band when a replacement for Hail to the Chief was requested, but later rejected. Sousa considered it to be his "most musical" march.

5.Semper fidelis" is a fabulous Latin motto meaning that in centuries of Roman might the soldier swore that he would fight

6.The United States Marine Corps, the amphibious infantry complementary to the United States Navy, who often reduce it to Semper Fi; the motto signifies the dedication that individual Marines are expected to have to "The Corps" and to their fellow fighting men and women, for the rest of their days and beyond.
my neighbor was a semper fi veteran during the iraq war
by ~!SPER!~ October 3, 2005
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