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A 'The Gate Wars' (previously StargateWars) forum poster and role player since early 2005. Only player to ever have had a unique colour (black), a personal title and his own forum section. Hailed and respected for his sole approach to being a bad guy and role playing. Many look up to and respect him (being voted as one of the most liked players in the last two years) but others don't and view his trolling as a catalyst that brought lot of trouble to TGW community.

Founder of the 'Semper Games' that has now spread over internet to youtube and beyond and become way of life for some.

Known Role Plays: Dr Cox, V, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Sidious, The Joker.
"Hello Coxy!"

"Semper for Admin!"

"Semper for President!"

"I better not say anything stupid or Semper will stop santa bringing me presents at christmas."

"-awaits Semper to come and make long controversial bullying post to ruin all my points-"

"just don't write a rebuttal semper! I dont think I could handle it."
by Hansbot-t October 10, 2009
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