Keith, a guy with strong emotions.

Someone who is there for you through everything. He's usually enclosing his feelings, until you get to know him, he's very smart, but not very determined. Usually plays video games. Very loyal. Strange sense of humor, but very funny. His laugh and his smile could brighten your day. He can warm your heart up with his words. If it come to his significant other he treats them with respect and let's them make decisions even if they don't want to. He's very opinionated and open. He worries alot and does everything he can to make sure you're okay. He's a kind, loving, caring person and deserves all the love in the world. If you find a Keith never let him go. He is far too priceless..
I love Keith.. so much..
by Whythooooooooo July 9, 2018
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He’s a sexy ass nigga who has a huge dick and pulls all the hoes. Now don’t get it wrong he’s a nice person with a great personality and is very easy to talk to. If you meet a Keith don’t let him go because he has a heart of gold and will make your life amazing.
Omg, this guy is amazing, he’s such a Keith.
by bailey schex December 19, 2019
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A legendary man and definitely one of the all time greatest people on this planet. Overall a great guy who geeks out about some things. If this man is a teacher, he'll be everyone's all time favorite teacher, and it would not be surprising if the students started a cult about him. A great friend and a loving dad who does whats best for his kids.He's probably friends with everyone he meets and it's very unlikely that he has any haters.
Person one: Bro, this teacher is the absolute BEST. Everyone loves him.
Person two: He's definitely the legendary Keith.
by Laughigin April 25, 2021
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Keith is an amazing guy, who at first glance is shy and quiet, but once truly knowing him you'll be suprised how smart, strong, intelligent, funny, and thoughtful he is. Keith has a hard background and will tell you everything once you earn his trust and once you do try not to lose it. Keith doesn't brag or boast about what he has, rich kid or not, and will always help you out when you need it trying to make sure you're okay before he is.
Crystal: *sigh* Keith is so sweet and incredible and has such a nice build, I can't help but like him... I wonder if he'll like me back?
Friend: He will, trust me!
by #Keiana April 18, 2015
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Older, cooler and grizzled. Also doesn’t have time for this, Lance.
How do I know you’re Keith and not his bigger, cooler, grizzled older brother.”
by yeeted July 1, 2018
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