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A sweet and caring guy. Beautiful eyes (usually brown). Enjoys being bitten on the shoulder (not tooo hard though). His smile can light up a room. and he can make you feel special without even trying. often confusing... and sends mixed signals... if your with a keith dont break up with him... and dont let him leave you.. he is often generous and loving and would do anything for his girlfriend.. he is not usually a wealthy kind of guy... but will use what money he has on the necessities... Keith's are usually very kissable... and will always be memorable... Keep him in your heart forever <3
by $exiChicaz October 22, 2011
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Keith is the kind of guy who is extremely goofy and rarely serious. He can be a complete asshole, but you can't help but love him. He also complains a lot about the most random things and can make others feel uncomfortable because he's a very bold opinionated person. He's socially awkward around people he's not used to seeing, but once you get to know him, you'll see how crazy he really is.
I met Keith a few months ago and he used to be weird to be around, but now he's a silly fun guy to chill with
by bgfddtsfs September 07, 2012
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a sweet ass muther trucker lookin for a good time that is not afraid of anything. origin: 15th century Scotland
That dude is a huge keith.
by barneye December 08, 2007
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Shy simple quiet type. That sits back and watches. Has a heart of gold and will give you peace and love. He watches over you without you even knowing. His tender touch and beautiful eyes will cause your heart to skip a beat.
Oh my, see that guy in the corner, he is such a Keith.
by simplethoughts February 03, 2010
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Short form of Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale. Brewed Only in Nova Scotia since 1820.
Going to the Liquor store to get a 2-4 of Keith's
by Deepg May 19, 2005
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strong canadian beer. brewed exclusively in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 1820 and is distributed through all of Canada.

"dude, fuck colt 45 moosepiss and all that noise, smoke that J and crack open a keith's!!"
by eazy-b November 09, 2005
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is some one who is smart sexy strong fast a ladys man and overall good at everything he tries.
wow that guy is such a keith i wanna do him so bad.
by initial k September 06, 2008
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