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Renzo, or RenZZo comes from the Latin Lawrence, wich means covered with laurel. Or also the greatest man alive. So if you now any Renzo, be glad that you do, since they are very important character and there isn't many.
Renzo is the gratest man alive!
by Renzo Davila April 07, 2005
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Most Renzo are usually nice, fun, and daring. Most Renzo are there for you most of the time, they would make you smile. And when it comes to relationships, he takes them serious, he fools around and cares about his girlfriend.There aren't many Renzo's so if you know one better treat him good.
Guy #1: hey did you see that dude in the hall way, he's really nice
Guy #2: that must be Renzo, he's an awesome guy.
by Joshler is real December 24, 2016
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Renzo is a fuckboy and likes talking to many girls.
Hey look it's Renzo he's talking to another girl again ugh.
by arjeyzi September 12, 2017
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Renzo is the best friend u ever had! He is lovable, nice, sweet, and cares about u at any cost. He is respectful and he jokes around sometimes. He tells the truth all the time he is never scared but u should appreciate what he does. If u ever run into a guy name Renzo u should be friends with him!
Joslyn~ Hey Renzo

Renzo~ Hey Joslyn what r u doing here?

Joslyn~Im here to appreciate what u do for me!
by Joslyn Gomez May 23, 2018
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