7 definitions by ninesheets

A person who regularly use the ZOOM app either as an administrator or guest,
She's a Zoomster organising and and arranging meetings and groups, every other day.
by ninesheets June 1, 2020
the perfect mouth for a really decent blow job, usually voluptuous lips
" what lovely lips, a plater's mouth if ever I saw one"
by ninesheets November 9, 2009
Like a Brazilian for fellahs
I've been asked to clean up down stairs, it must be time for a manizon
by ninesheets March 14, 2022
C19 an abbreviation for COVID19 an abbreviation of

Coronavirus 2019
C19 a modern pandemic killing thousands globally, adjusting the way we travel & shop forcing governments to implement physical restrictions through social distancing, closing non essential businesses, shutting schools and international border closures.
by ninesheets April 14, 2020
em-beer v.
1. To imbue with beer.
2. To enrich with beer.
3. To add beer, or the thought of beer, where none exists.
We are going to have a party we need some of that there embeer...
by ninesheets October 27, 2013
Annoying Person
similiar to an old geezer but the individual is usually in authority (boss) is constantly getting up everybody's nose
handing out shit and verbal abuse...

this could be the foreman on a construction site or an assitant director on a film set, usually yelling orders bootcamp style while suffering from inflated ego syndrome
"he's a right old bloody neezer"
by ninesheets August 6, 2009
a mental condition when one is obsessed with the female gender
The poor fellah was suffering from a bad case of vagilitis, he was so obsessed with the tart he couldn't get her of his mind
by ninesheets April 13, 2013