When a movie, show, or other form of media suddenly shows breasts and/or sexual intercourse, despite it not having anything to do with the story.
Some very unnecessary boobies:

1. I was watching "Watchmen" last night and had to sit through Dr. Manhattan boning a chick, for no apparent reason.

2. I was watching "Babel" last night and the next thing I knew I was watching a fully nude Japanese teenage girl trying to persuade a guy to have sex with her.

3. The "Requiem For A Dream" lesbian anal sex scene was not exactly necessary boobies..
by To Objurgate January 19, 2011
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any hostile discussion that begins with the keywords, "I", "You", spoken with accusitory inflection.
Generally, in connection with, personal gain or loss of some issues regarding vanity.
I am smarter than you, assumes contempt for the other's intelect.

You are wearing my sister's jacket, presupposes that there was no agreement....this will cause unnecessary conflict.
by socioputz December 4, 2010
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An unwarranted action by someone who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, that has surpassed the level of jerk and asshole and borders on motherfucker
He called out of the blue, made plans, never followed through, then vanished as quickly as he appeared.

She showed interest and really talked the talk, then her actions showed she was full of bullshit.
These acts are great examples of total unnecessary douchebaggery.
by The Misfitz April 21, 2017
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A person (typically a young male) who possesses significant athletic ability and takes a liking to displaying his talents at times when it seems inappropriate.
Ray: (After jumping a desk.) Yes!!!! Pumped!
Mick: Goddamn Ray, you are such an unnecessary athlete.
by spizzle81 November 26, 2009
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Pretty much all attention gained on the internet, mainly for being "hawt" in a myspace photo. Generally, it doesn't get you anywhere, other than possibly somewhat mending your insecurities for like 5 seconds before you need to post a new picture for comments.
I logged on to whorespace today to get my fix of unnecessary attention!
by SortofFanboy October 5, 2008
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The act of consuming way to many drinks. To much debauchery, douchebaggery, shamelessness, unfiltered verbal diarhea, lack of inhibition and so forth.
The guy across the bar hitting on the girl that's clearly not interested, should be flagged for unnecessary cocktailing.
by jmun77 February 16, 2010
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When you go out on a Wednesday night and end up drinking way more than you intended and you discover that you just couldn't wait until Thirsty Thursday.
Last night was so much fun. I didn't mean for dinner to turn into four martinis and dancing until 1am. I forgot how much I love Unnecessary Wednesday.
by tn April 1, 2016
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