Nickname for the networking website Myspace, referring to the popularity of it with younger types trying to 'sell themselves' as friends (or something else). Typically these people tend to be teenagers, tweenyboppers, emos, whores, attention seekers or skanks.

Someone with a whorespace generally uses their Myspace to post pseudo-artistic black and white photos of themselves looking 'sexy', or pictures of themselves in little clothing.

Generally a whorespace is used when someone is fishing for compliments. People with whorespaces are often attention-seekers, and will often use the Myspace Bulliten function to tell everyone they have new pictures uploaded, with the request "Comment plz?", generally translateable as "Tell me how hot I am!" They also often attempt reverse psychology, labling photos with phrases such as "LOL I'm so fat." to get responses like "NOOOO You're not! You're so hot, I wish I had your boobs!"
"The skank photoshopped the hell out of her picture and then put it up on her Whorespace."
by Amanda from Whorespace June 1, 2007
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