I pumped that dirty wee midden in her parents'bed!
by infamous budgerigar July 1, 2016
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To absolutely destroy an opposition in any type of team altercation
Ornella: "what was the score last night?"
Lachy: "Tigers 54-4 Cowboys"
Ornella: "wow the Tigers pumped them"
by Champs2179 August 5, 2015
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To be defeated soundly.

To suffer a defeat against an overwhelming force, putting up little or no perceived resistance.
Usage 1:
Dave: "Did your team win last night?"
Bob: "Naw, we lost 15-3"
Dave: "Wow, you guys got pumped"

Usage 2:
"The french have been pumped in every major conflict they've entered"
by Cecil B. Demented April 28, 2004
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for one man to have rough anal sex with another man, not necesarily consensual
"did someone slip hugh a pill"
"yeah he got pumped last night"
similar to ripped open
by West tickles January 2, 2009
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To feel pumped or ready and also known to be a michael cooper
i feel pumped for a cricket game. I feel michael cooper.
by Pateman February 21, 2008
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1. To have broken wind, farted or otherwise let out a Bronx Cheer e.g. "Sorry Dear, I appear to have pumped under the covers and held them over your head"

2. To have sexual intercourse with someone e.g. "Pumped some smokin' pom chick last night. Gotta love that Pony."

3. To have been beaten in a competitive environment e.g. "Playing fives with Fat Davey and Uno Ballo and ended up getting pumped by the wee downs syndrome guy and his mates"
After having pumped into the biscuit tin, Jaz's father would always offer his son's friends a hearty sniff. He would often encourage them to "breathe in deeper, it'll make the smell go away faster".
by The Mongo Collective January 9, 2008
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