The act of pulling down your pants and farting bare assed on an unsuspecting person.
Yo, I totally unfiltered (enter name here) while he was playing Halo.
by The Real Duda February 20, 2008
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The act of expelling gas from your anus without any clothing or cover to filter the hot air.
Mario pulled down his boxers and let out an unfiltered fart
by Clayton25 March 26, 2008
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Language that's vulgar, but politically accurate and true, but may offend the left simply because it's so true.
When the left and the libs don't want to listen to unfiltered speech by people like Dan Bongino they insult us conservatives.
by Sexydimma June 9, 2021
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That good friend with whom you can be your authentic and unedited self.
I’d much rather hang out with you, my unfiltered friend!
by Dr Bunnygirl September 27, 2019
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The act of farting without clothes on.
Honey....that was a wicked unfiltered fart.
by ugfest January 12, 2007
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An extremely strong cigarette made by the "Camel" brand. These particular cigarettes have no filters in them, hence the name.
I smoke 4 packs of Camel unfiltered cigarettes a day to help keep me strong.
by signull July 8, 2006
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One of the biggest Facebook car clubs based around Mini Coopers. Usually has some civil talk (most of the civil talk is in Modified Minis group)

But MINI Unfiltered is a lot of funny Mini based memes and shit posting on how R53 is better than the R56 and how the F56 looks like a whale.

On Nov 12, 2018 all hell broke loose when one of the man bun wielding Starbucks admin's car was hit by a deer and felt his man hood was threatened by another member of MINI Unfiltered, who this admin kept banning without providing any proof of these claims he made about this Member.

Upon not being able to provide proof, there is also an assumed conspiracy theory that this Admind hit the deer with his Mini Cooper since he could not provide proof of his Dyno runs showing the power he made in his said Mini.

Following further claims on this incident. Its rumored from another MINI Unfiltered Adming that the Starbucks Unfiltered Admin might have hit the deer when he was receiving services and veered off the road when a person mumbled the banned members name. The banned meme making member has been reinstated in the group and a PSA was made on said subject.
Man, did you see that meme Brandon made on MINI Unfiltered about why the N14 is bad? That shit was Fuego.
by Thunderdick The Impaler November 13, 2018
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