The time i wake up then proceed to watch youtube videos till 5am
Its 1am time to play video games till 5
by platypussy_licker May 3, 2019
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Entering the dancefloor after that time of night when all the couples have left the nightclub to see what 'minor prizes' are left to try and sleep with.
Don't worry - after the sexodus has sifted out the couples, the 1am tombola will turn up something reasonable to fuck
by Argentina Smoke October 21, 2009
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miss 1am is a term used to describe a female whose nocturnal habits seem to be indicative of possession by a demon.
i saw miss 1am again last night burying something in the park.
by PRinParty September 23, 2009
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so basically you did a really bad crime and now the police are after you, so you run to the nearest plce the police (probably) wouldnt suspect, your local Wendy's

how did the police catch you so fast? well, turns out your the dumbest criminal alive and left your id next to the crime scene. weird right?
bro, i ran to wendys at 1am yesterday to avoid the police
whatd you do?
we dont talk about it.
by autorin_person January 31, 2022
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