A modern version of a pre-19th century expression: "Sir, you have come over all unnecessary!"

The above phrase meant that a male was either becoming flirtatious, or causing a female to become very attracted to them.

An 'Unnecessary Man' is a male who can be associated with this era by looking dashing or wearing an appropriate costume, causing women to be attracted to them. It is usually applied to characters in books or films, and the look is often twinned with a bad or aggressive attitude.
"I went to a Victorian fancy dress party last weekend - the place was full of Unnecessary Men!"

"I saw Harry Potter again. That Snape is definately an Unnecessary Man."
by ME December 18, 2007
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1.) Running or jogging at inappropriate times.
Coming in from a softball field, the pitcher sprints 20 feet to the dugout as fast as he can. The rest of his team follows with a slow jog and yells "Unnecessary hustle!"
by Careybeary August 1, 2008
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When a team builds a big lead (any sport, but especially in Ice Hockey) and adds unnecessary difficulty to them selves by forcing all passes to be made through the air. Name derived from "Saucer Pass".

The goal of Sauce Mode is to reduce the lopsided nature of the competition.

The other team usually sees it as a cruel form of Hot doggin
After we waxed them 8-0 in the first period, we went into unnecessary sauce mode, and only scored 3 goals the rest of the game.
by Puckup14 October 5, 2011
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When your favorite hentai is censored and you can't enjoy the full experience
ex. Oh :( the unnecessary censorship on hentai made me masturbate to pixels again
by Lokomtongious the Great June 20, 2017
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Entries of peoples' friend's on urban dictionary. Often times, the submitter is a desperately obsessive and protective young fag who was born without testicles and therefore must impress his partner by entering their partners' names in as something like "cool!" or "funny" or, in the most severe of cases; "the best thing that's ever happened to me!" Get a life.
"stop the unnecessary urban dictionary entries and for god's sake, find a more creative way to express yourself.."
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An uneasy or stressful feeling that is easily foreseen and equally avoidable.
I like how they look but there's too much Potential Unnecessary Anxiety with that group of girls.
by Ronald Richie September 23, 2008
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