a Football penalty becoming more common by the day.
Jaron toasts Corey on a corner route

Corey: Dude, no touchdown. Penalty on that play.

Jaron: what the hell! For what?

Corey: Unnecessary Blackness, 15 yards.
by Dajaleymon Kiwi January 2, 2009
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A really funny segment of the Jimmy Kimmel show that features a tribute to the FCC, in which they bleep and blur the week in television whether it needs it or not.
"Blacks are gagging on the *** but not yet ready to swallow the ****." Unnecessary Censorship
by What's a name? July 31, 2006
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Used to described the letter "u" found in a word that can otherwise be spelled without it. Quite often found in English spellings.
honour = honor
favourite = favorite
colour = color
by Griffin March 1, 2005
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A clothing accessory that serves no function. These include wristbands, necklaces, as opposed to wristwatches and sweat bands.
Pirate: Them white beads on yer orange neck is an unnecessary accessory mate.
Guido: Damn dood these are mah good luck charms.
by twanx1234 April 25, 2010
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something i do too much of whilst msn-ing and emailing. it's a bad habit in some respects - kicks bloody arse in others.
Yay-ness (unnecessary hyphen)
msn-ing (as i did earlier totally by accident)
ill-ified (yet again)

basically the art of unnecessary hyphenating is to break down perfectly fine words or to totally invent your own. You can do this by taking the 'ing' off a word and adding a hyphen in the middle OR adding suffixs to the end of normal words. like yay for example. this can then become yay-ness (for more yay!) you can mix and match many words and suffixs - my three favorites are:


Have fun =)
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A term or phrase used to describe a situation when a referee throws a penalty flag in football, when there obviously should not be a penalty on the play.
Bob: "Wait, why did the ref call pass interference on that play? No one touched him."

Jim: "I know. That's unnecessary refness." The ref can't keep the flag to himself for more than a minute.
by Raul Chevere December 16, 2010
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When a movie, show, or other form of media suddenly shows breasts and/or sexual intercourse, despite it not having anything to do with the story.
Some very unnecessary boobies:

1. I was watching "Watchmen" last night and had to sit through Dr. Manhattan boning a chick, for no apparent reason.

2. I was watching "Babel" last night and the next thing I knew I was watching a fully nude Japanese teenage girl trying to persuade a guy to have sex with her.

3. The "Requiem For A Dream" lesbian anal sex scene was not exactly necessary boobies..
by To Objurgate January 19, 2011
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